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Wishes in the Dragonball Series
Panties: Goku and his friend were trapped in a cage as Pilaf was about to make a wish, in that nick of time Oolong morphs into a bat and sneaks a by a split second to wish for the panties. (Granted By: Shenron)

Revival: An Indian boy loses his father when Tao Pai Pai throw him onto a sharp object, thus Goku asks Shenlong for his revival (Granted By: Shenron)

Youth: Plain and simple, Piccolo Daimao wishes to be young again so he can regain his strength (Granted By: Shenron)

Revival: An Idian boy loses his father when Tao Pai Pai throw him onto a sharp object, thus Goku asks Shenlong for his revival (Granted By: Shenron)

Shenron: After the death of Piccolo, Shenron dies too. Goku goes over to Kami's and asks him to bring back Shenron. After Shenron is brought back Krillin, Roshi, and Chaiotzu are also brought back. (Granted By: Kami)

Wishes in the Dragonball Z Series

Revival: Goku is revived after the Raditz battle where he sacrafices his life to kill Raditz. (Granted By: Shenlong)

Revival: Piccolo is revived on Namek by Krillin, Gohan and Dende, after he was killed by Raditz while on Earth. With the revival of Piccolo Kami is revived and the Earth Dragonballs also return. (Granted By: Porunga)

Revival: After Frieza is destroyed, Mr. Popo gathers the Earth Dragonballs and wishes that everyone who was killed by Frieza return back to life. (Granted By: Shenlong)

Porunga Returns: From the last wish, The Guru is brought back to life, therefore so are the Namek Dragonballs. Guru decides firstly to wish Dende back. Next It is wished that every Namek is tarnsported back to their planet (Granted By: Porunga)

Welcome Back!: After being the only people left unrevived, Tien Yamcha and Chaiotzu are wished back. As another inclution Goku is also wighed back to life but, it is said that Goku is still alive. (Granted By: Porunga)

The Cell Games Finish: Dende has now taken over God and has made a new Shenlong that grants 3 wishes. With these 3 wishes all the people killed by Cell are revived, also the bomb inside Android 18 is deactivated, with the 3rd wish nothing is wished for. (Granted By: Shenlong)

Innocent Revived: At the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai Majin Vegeta had killed some people, Bulma gathers the Earth Dragonballs and everyone who had dies upon Babidi's arrival was wished back to life. (Granted By: Shenlong)

Restoration: After Buu had released his supe Genocide Attack Earh was destroyed. So Dende goes to the new Namek and uses its dragonballs to wish Earth back, next he wishes back all the people killed by Buu, and for the last wish Goku's strength is restored to ts maximum. (Granted By: Porunga)

The Last Z Wish: After Buu is destroyed 3 wishes are made. The first is to make everyone on Earth frget about Buu, the next wa to make Fat Buu live peacefully with the Z warriors and the final one was to re-incarnate Buu and get Ubuu. (Granted By: Shenlong)

Wishes in the Dragonball GT Series

KID!!!: Right at the beginning of GT Goku is wished into a kid by Pilaf as revenge. (Granted By: Shenron)

New Planet: In the Baby Saga, he wishes for his on planet to replace the current planet, Planet Plant. (Granted By: Shenron)

Earth Restoration: Using the Earth Dragonballs Earth is restored after being destroyed when the limit on the Black Star Dragonballs had passed. (Granted By: Shenron)

A Request: Goku, requests to Shenron to make a wish, to bring back all the people killed by the Black Star Dragonball Guardians. (Granted By: Shenron)

Goku Jr: Down the track Goku Jr wishes that Pan's health is restored so that she doesn't die from her illness. (Granted By: Shenron)

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