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Unknown Facts

1. Goku is not an Earthling. He is a Saiyan, an alien from another planet, so there is no way he could be an Earthling if he is from another planet.
2. Cell is NOT and android in his final form. Once he becomes perfect, he becomes organic.
3. Piccolo's strength actually surpassed all the Z fighters in the Cell Saga when he fuses with Kami.
4. Gohan did not go SSJ2 for the first time in front of Cell. If you look at the episodes really carefully, Goku explains that he did it for a split second in the Room of Spirit and Time.
5. In the Room of Spirit and Time, 1 year is equal to 1 day in the normal world.
4. Goku learned the Kamehameha instantly, when it took Kamesenin(Master Roshi) about 50 years.
5. Kooler has 5 forms, not 2. He just never shows them all(he appears in his 4th form).
6. Goku never beats Vegeta alone.
7. Gohan kills 8 Cell Jrs, but Cell only makes 7 of them.
8. There is one basic fact about Goku, wether he lives or not. If he loses his shirt, he lives, if he keeps his shirt(the red one), he dies.
9. Long Long ago, Kami and Garlic Sr. fought to become ruler of the Earth. Garlic Sr. posed to be nice and good, but Kami saw past his guise and defeated him, thus becoming ruler of the Earth.
10. Namekians do not eat, they only drink.
11. Guru has had over 100 children.
12. When Cell exploded, Gohan was in SSJ2, but when he came back, Gohan was SSJ1 again.
13. Trunks's sword breaks in the Andoid Saga, but somehow, when he goes back to the future it is in perfect condition again.
14. (This is not from the manga, it is from the series/movies) Trunks got his sword from Tapion in movie 13.
15. Dragonball AF is NOT a series in Dragonball, it is simply a popular fan-manga in Japan.
16. Vegeta is a king, because his father died, Vegeta inherreted the throne (even though it's not there anymore).

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