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Baby / Bebi
Bebi An experiment of Dr. Myuu to recreate the Tuffle people as genetic mutants.  He can virtually take over anyone's body with an open wound, he can also lay an egg inside them and control multiple people at one time.  He controls Vegeta for the longest time while fighting Goku.
Bojack Bojack appears in movie 9, Bojack unbound and is killed by Gohan.

Buu / Boo
Majin Buu Buu was created thousands of years ago by Babadi's father.  His original form is the Kid Buu form.  He is concealed in Babadi's ball for thousands of years until he is resurrected on Earth by Babadi's henchmen, who harness pure energy to bring back Buu.  Later thin Buu splits with Fat Buu, then Thin Buu turns Fat Buu into chocolate and eats him.  Gotanks is absorbed by Thin Buu who takes on a new Transformation.  Later Gohan fights Buu and  is also absorbed.  Vegeta is then Temporarily brought back from the dead who fuses with Goku, using the portra fusion earing technique.  They become Vegito and are absorbed.  They attack Buu from the inside and eventually are spit out and Buu is reverted back to his original form.
Cell An android created by Dr. Gero, Cell has three stages,  Imperfect Cell, Semi-perfect Cell, and Perfect Cell.  Cell came from the future in Trunks' time capsule so that he could absorb Androids 17 and 18.  When he absorbed Android 17 he transformed into Semi-perfect Cell.  Then after Cell absorbs Android 18, he is transformed into Perfect Cell, which then leads up to the Cell games where he is eventually killed by SSJ2 Gohan.
Cooler Is the brother of Frieza.  He comes to Earth to kill Goku and his friends where he finds a Fifth Transformation but is eventually killed by SSJ1 Goku.
Frieza / Freeza
Frieza Thought to be the strongest being in the universe, this evil ruler has many forms.  He is first killed by SSJ1 Goku on the planet Namek.  He later comes back to Earth as Biotic Frieza and is killed by Future Trunks..

Garlic Jr.
Garlic Junior Son of Garlic, Garlic Junior was granted immortality in Dragonball Z Movie , The Deadzone. We see him transform to try to destroy the Z-Warriors when he opens the Dead Zone.

Janemba A powerful demon from Movie 12, Janemba's strength surpasses that of even a SSJ3.

General Rildo / Rilldo
General Rildo Second in command on planet M2, seen in Dragonball GT. Rildo has several forms, all of which he is able to test out on Goku.

Master Roshi
Master Roshi The early master and friend of Goku and Krillin is very strong considering he is only human and is able to transform in a matter of seconds.

Saiya-jin All the Saiyan's Forms can be found here: Saiyan Levels
Zaacro & Raiti
Zaacro and Raiti These shape shifters transform into Namekians and trick some of the Z-Fighters into thinking there planet is Namek.
Zarbon Frieza's right hand man. He transforms into one of the fattest things ever who is killed by Vegeta!


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