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Saiyan Levels

False Super Saiyan

This form is the result of a Saiyan who is unable to increase their ki enough for their bodies to complete the transformation to a Super Saiyan.  Even though the transformation is incomplete, there are certain Super Saiyan features such as elevated hair and a yellow ki that blazes around the Saiyan. Other features include no pupils or irises.  Goku only uses this form in Movie 4.

This isn't the actual name of the transformation used in the film Lord Slug, where it is referred to as "Super Saiyan" form. This is basically the state before you hit Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyan Level 1

Goku went SSJ1 for the first time in the Frieza Saga, after Frieza killed Krillin, Goku built up extreme anger and assended to a Super Saiyan.

Physical description: Incredibly increased muscle mass, and his hair turns blond and stands up.
Assended Super Saiyan (2nd Grade)

This is a stage between SSJ1 and SSJ2.  This is a transformation that occurs when a Super Saiyan has trained hard enough where his limits go further beyond the regular Super Saiyan, resulting in a Super Saiyan form that is much stronger and faster then a regular Super Saiyan. This advanced state appears as a Super Saiyan, but with longer, more wild and untamed hair that is forced further upward.  The muscle mass on a saiyan is also significantly increased, but not enough to inhibit their movement or speed.  This is the form Vegeta and Trunks use to fight Cell.  In addition, Goku also briefly attains this form while training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
Ultra Super Saiyan (3rd Grade)

This is a stage between SSJ1 and SSJ2.  Trunks and Vegeta are able to reach this stage.  They basically increase their ki to a higher level than the assended super saiyan.  It is still hard for them to control due to their high muscle mass.  This form, however, was not strong enough to defeat Cell.

Physical description: Extreme increase in muscle mass, hair is longer, and has more spikes.  The only disadvantage is the speed is lacking due to the extra muscle mass.
Full-Power Super Saiyan

This state is basically the same as a regular Super Saiyan, only they have so much subconscious control, that it takes hardly as much effort to become Super Saiyan.  They no longer have to get anywhere near as angry as it would take to reach SSJ1.

Gohan, Goku, Goten, Trunks, and Vegeta use this form, especially in Dragonball GT.
Legendary Super Saiyan

This form was only reached by Broly in the Broly DBZ films.

Beyond his regular Super Saiyan transformation, Broly's final form greatly increases his body size and muscle mass, much like the Ultra Super Saiyan form.  However, his strength and speed are extremely great, and exceed all variations of the Super Saiyan form.  Additionally, his irises and pupils disappear.

This form is also unique because it does not share the physical limits and flaws of a regular Super Saiyan.  This contrasts the regular Super Saiyan that loses power as battle is prolonged.  Broly actually gets stronger as fighting continues.
Super Saiyan Level 2

This level is incredibly more powerful than SSJ1. SSJ1 was used quite frequently in the DBZ movies, but SSJ2 had much better results.  Gohan was the first to reach SSJ2 when he defeated Cell.

Physical description: A lot greater muscle mass than SSJ1, and a few more inches of blond hair also pointing up.  Also this form is way faster than the other two forms.  Usually there is liqhtning.
Super Saiyan Level 3

Goku first achieved this level during a fight with Majin Buu.  This is the most powerful level of Super Saiyan (in what I think of Super Saiyan).  Goku fought in this form in DBZ movie 13, Wrath Of The Dragon.  Majin Buu could overpower SSJ3 Goku, Goku was able to defeat Kid Buu with a Spirit Bomb.  SSJ3 was also used in Dragonball GT, but Goku couldn't hold it due to his child body.  He does regain his tail to reach Super Saiyan 4 in Dragonball GT.

Physical Description: Four feet of long blond hair, no eyebrows, and extreme speed.

Only Goku and Gotenks have achieved this level.  Vegeta was not able to reach SSJ3, but was able to reach SSJ4.
Mystic Saiyan

This form is achieved by Gohan after his power up from Old Kai.  During this state his power is fully maximized.  So much so that he does not need to ever go Super Saiyan to increase his power.  It looks exactly the same as his normal state, as you can see from the picture.  If the Old Kai had finished the power up Gohan would have been stronger than SSJ3 Goku, but he never finishes because he is too lazy.
Super Saiyan Level 4

This is the only Super Saiyan form where their hair does not turn blonde.  They In SSJ4, Goku is almost god-like.  They have longer dark hair, and have red around their eyes.  They first reach Golden Ape, after they reach SSJ4, as long as they have a tail, they can become a Super Saiyan 4 instantly.

Physical description: Although Goku was wished by the Dragon Balls to become a child again, in SSJ4 form, he has his normal adult body with a bit more muscle mass. His upper torso is covered in redish/brown fur, his hair is black, and his eyes are red rimmed, pretty wicked actually.
Giant Ape

When a Saiyan stares at a full moon, bloods waves are sent to his body, and he/she will change into a 45-foot tall, giant ape.  Goku was not able to control this form, but Vegeta is able to control it.  Saiyans could wipe out a planet in a matter

A Saiyan must have a tail to be able to turn into a Giant Ape.  If the tail is cut off, they return back to their original form.  If the tail is pulled out by the roots, the Saiyan will not  be able to turn into a Grain Ape again.
Golden Giant Ape

A level that was achieved by Goku and Baby Vegeta in Dragonball GT.  This is the most powerful form of a Giant Ape.  Goku achived this state on Planet Tuffle when fighting Baby Vegeta.  The main physical difference with this stage, is that the fur is yellow instead of brown.  Because Vegeta did not have a tail, he was only able to reach this form with the help of a bloods wave generator.

Only Goku and Vegeta reached this form.

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