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The scouter is a complex device invented by the Saiyans. They were used by many warriors throughout Dragonball Z. They were mainly used in the Saiyan through the Frieza Saga. They would use the scouters to look up power levels and compare their power level to their enemy's. The scouters are very accurate, but if the power level is too high the scouter will blow up. It has a digital map of the area and it can tell how much energy is put into an attack. It can also track where people are. But the Z fighters figured out if you keep your power level suppressed at about 5 the scouter won't pick you up. But the most important one was when Raditz communicated Vegeta and told him about the Dragonballs, back in the beginning of Dragonball Z. It can be used as a communicator.

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