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Who Never Dies

The Dragonball Series is full of fighting, destroying and killing. Rare are those who manage to stay alive during the series. This section is about those lucky peoples who survive.

Garlic Jr.: Although he didn't die, he's as good as dead. While fighting vs Gohan he created a Dead Zone, a kind of portable hell. The problem is Gohan sent him into the Dead Zone instead. Now normally Garlic Jr. would have died in there, but he wished for immortality before dying, so he stayed alive in the dead zone.

Fat Buu: The first Buu seen. He is made mostly out of evil, but when he helps Mr.Satan and saves a dog called Bee, the evil part of him escapes his body. The evil part then absorbs Fat Buu. Eventually, Vegeta and Goku release Fat Buu from Evil Buu's stomach. Fat Buu survives peacefully through the rest of the DBZ.

Mr.Satan: He's a luckier. How he survived through all DBZ I'll never know. He is a very strong human, the strongest to be precise. But the Z fighters are much stronger. Although Mr.Satan is strong, he isn't that brave. Yet he is always somehow saved before death. He got shot once, but Buu was there to heal him. Buu destroyed the Earth once, but Mr.Satan got saved by Goku and teleported with him to the Kaioshin planet. Every time there is a chance of him dying, he gets saved.

Kaioshin of the East: Again, this blue faced Mohawk hairdo guy is lucky too. Millions of years ago, Buu killed all of the Kaioshins. But this lucky guy some how survived and escaped with his body guard Kibito. If it wasn't for Kibito, Kaioshin of the East would have probably died many times, but Kibito was always there to heal him just in time.

Uranai Baba: She is that little flying witch that can tell peoples their future. She survived because if danger's on the way, she goes straight to the afterworld until it has passed.

All of the Kaios: All of the Kaios have survived, except King Kai of course. He was killed when Goku brought a ready-to-explode-Cell to his little planet. King Kai was laughed at many times because he is dead.

Emna Daiou: Also known as King Yamma, he is the big guy that is always sitting down at his desk telling dead spirits if they are going to hell or heaven. Janemba locked him up into some bubble thing once, but that's as close as he came from dying.

Born after the Buu saga: All the Z characters after the Buu saga weren't killed by something else than age or disease. That is except Uub and Piccolo.

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