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Known Fusions

Goku and Vegeta (Fusion Dance) = Gogeta
Goku and Vegeta (Potara Earring Fusion) = Vegito
Goten and Trunks (Fusion Dance) = Gotenks
Supreme Kai and Kibito Kai (Potara Earring Fusion) = Kibitoshin
Piccolo and Nail, then Kami (Namekian Fusion) = Piccolo
Majin-Buu (Absorption Majin-Buu Goten Trunks Piccolo Gohan) = Super Buu

The Fusion Technique -
Fusion Dance Often thought of much like a dance, this fusion requires two people of the exact same power level (you can raise or lower to become equal with partner). It also requires that the fusion partners are around the same height, and requires the fusing parties to be of the same race.

The technique that leads to the fusion must be very precise. You must be squatted down far away from your partner, arms outstretched towards the outside. You must then take three small sidesteps towards eachother, while doing so, moving your arms over your head and towards the inside. Then you both must move them back outside via moving them in front of you, and as you do so, take your outside leg and bend it to a 90 degree angle so that your knee points to the inside of the fusion. The two partners then stretch out their outside leg and place their foot on the ground as far away from them as possible, allowing them so bend sideways in towards their partner.

The hand come above the head during the bend, and two outstretched index fingers come in contact with the fingers of the partner. While doing this difficult process, you must shout out "Fusion", once, drawn out throughout the entire process, and when you touch, scream "Ha!" If done correctly, the two beings will merge into one, an exact copy of the two meshed together. The power level will be enormous, approximately both powers times two, minus three, and the being should have a strange yellow and black jacket, a fabric belt tied at the back with flowing tails, and white baggy pants.

If the fusion is done incorrectly, the resulting fused warrior could be extremely unlike the two partners in any way. During the Dragonball Z series, we see two of these fusions. We see Goten and Trunks fuse to become Gotenks (they also become a fat Gotenks who wants to eat and sleep, and a very thin Gotenks who is very fragile). We also see Goku and Vegeta fuse this way during movie 12 and Dragonball GT to become Gogeta (they also become fat Gogeta). This fusion lasts for 30 minutes, but can be shorter if the power of the fused warrior is too high, such as Gogeta as a level 4 Super Saiyan.

Potara Earring Fusion
- The race known as the Kaioshins have a strange fusion item. They each wear a set of earrings, known as Potara Earrings. These earrings, when one set it put on two different people, will allow those two people to fuse. This fusion is permanent, and can be done interracially. As the two fusing parties attatch the rings to opposite ears, they rise up off the ground, and, like two attracting magnets, slam into eachother and simply become one being.

The power generated from this fusion is enormously high, approximately both of the powers times three, minus four. The fused warrior has features of both warriors, and combines the clothing of each fighter as well. During the Dragonball Z series, we see two of these fusions. We see Kibito and Kaioshin fuse to become Kaiobito, and we see Vegeta and Goku fuse to become Vegetto (This fusion was not permanent as the absorbtion of Vegetto by Majin Buu pulled Vegetto apart into his two original beings).

Namekian Fusion - Another type of permanent fusion that increases the users power level no matter what, but it doesnt make their power level grow faster, is the Namekian fusion. Basically, one Namek absorbs the other, and that Namek is lead of the fusion, therefore keeping their body. However, they gain the other Nameks knowledge, and power. To fuse, the lead Namek places his hands on the chest of the other, and "absorbs" them. There is no physical difference, as far as appearance goes. We see this twice, Nail and Piccolo, and Kami and Piccolo.

Absorption - This type of fusion has an entirely different principle than the other three. This type of fusion is mainly practiced by villains because it is a forced fusion. This means that a person sort of eats the other. (like how Cell absorbs Android 17 and 18 or how Buu absorbs Gotenks and Gohan).

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