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In the series Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT, The 7 Dragonballs Crystal Gemmed sphere shaped and substance the size of basketballs, softballs or bigger depending on Namek and earths Dragonballs, 1-7 Stars are on Each dragonball and if all were to be collected and united the dragon would emerge and Gives the summoner 1 to 3 wishes. After The 1-3 wishes are granted the balls scatter all throughout the earth or whatever planet they were made on and are unusable for a year. If the creator of one of the sets of dragonballs dies then the dragonballs turn into stone and Unable to wish from it until another capable Namek revives The dragon in the other dragonball creators place. Dragonball GT has a different Look To them created by Piccolo. Black Star Dragonballs have more Uniquness from regular Ones.For Instance, After Using the Wishes from this dragon, The balls scatter all over the Universe and Have to return to the planet it was wished on within a year or the planet would be destroyed and cannot be changed by any other Dragonballs.

Earth Dragonballs
DragonBalls that are on earth were created By Kami, the earth's guardian could only Grant One wish each summoning. The Eternel Dragon Named Shenron comes out To grant a wish a person who summoned him. the ball color is orange with red stars centered. IT is the size close to a softball. After a wish is made, the Dragonballs turn to stone and cant be used to make wishes Until a year has gone by and collected over again.
New Earth Dragonballs were Created by Dende, Earths New Protector and guardian Can only grant 2 wish per gathering , Must have all 7 united till the Eternal Dragon Named Shenron. The dragon has the power to bring back a person from the dead once and are the Same as Old earths dragonballs But the wishes 1 more.

Namek Dragonballs
Planet Namek's Dragonballs were created by Guru, Oldest Namek living. And is able to Grant 3 wishes per uniting of all 7 Dragonballs. The Eternal Dragon Porunga must be Summoned in the Nameks Language. Only wishes within the gatherer's power can be granted. He can wish a person back to life numerous times as long if they didn't die from natural causes. The ball has orange color with red stars Centered. The dragonballs are the size of basketballs. After the wishes are done the dragonballs will turn to stone and scatter across the planet and can't be used until 3 months passed. It can only bring 1 person back to life.

Black Star Dragonballs
Black Star Dragonballs are created By Kami And can only grant 1 wish per gather , It must have all 7 dragonballs To unit the dragon and wish. The Color of the dragonballs are orange with black stars centered and after each of the wishes it is scattered throughout the universe.

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