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Bardock - Killed by Frieza
Bibidi - Killed by East Kaioshin
Garlic - Destroyed by Kami
Grampa Gohan - Goku went Oozaru and stepped on him
North Kaioshin - Majin Buu
South Kaioshin - Majin Buu
West Kaioshin - Majin Buu
King Vegeta - Killed by Frieza

Black Sousei - Killed by Goku and Android #8
Boss Rabbit - When Master Roshi blows up the moon

Red Ribbon
Blue Shogun - Killed by Tao Pai Pai
Bora - Killed by Tao Pai Pai
Red Ribbon Army - Destroyed by Goku
Redo Sousei - Killed by Black Hosa
Tao Pai Pai - Killed by self grenade
Yellow Taisa - Killed after fell from plane

King Piccolo
Chaotzu - Killed by King Piccolo while trying to stop him
Cymbol - Killed by Yajirobe, then eaten
Drum - Killed by Goku
Giran - Killed by Tambourine
Kings Guard - Killed by King Piccolo
Krillin - Killed by Tambourine
Master Roshi - Tried to put King Piccolo in the Denshi jar, but failed.
Namu - Tambourine
Piano - King Piccolo falls on him after being hit by Goku
King Piccolo - Killed by Goku
Shenron - Killed by King Piccolo
Tambourine - Killed by Goku

Choatzu - Blew up on Nappa
Goku - By Piccolo
Iedia - Vegeta (On planet Arlia)
Kami - When Piccolo dies because of Nappa
Lemlia - Vegeta (On planet Arlia)
Nappa - Killed by Vegeta
People on Arlia - Vegeta blew up the planet
Piccolo - Nappas Blast
Raditz - Piccolo
Tenshinhan - Died while attacking Nappa
Yamucha - Saibeman

Apple - Killed by Vegeta
Burter - Vegeta
Buruberi - Killed by Giant Crab
Dende - Killed by Frieza
Dodoria - Vegeta
Friezas Men - Killed by Krillin and Gohan
Guldo - Vegeta
Guru - Died of loss of energy
Jeice - Killed by Vegeta
Kargo - Killed by Frieza
Krillin - Killed by Frieza
Kui - Killed by Vegeta
Panbuukin - Killed by Dodoria
Razuberi - Eaten by Giant Crab
Recoome - Vegeta
Zarbon - Hole shot through chest by Vegeta

Garlic Jr.
Mustard - Killed by Gohan
Salt - Killed by Gohan
Spice - Killed by Gohan
Vinegar - Killed by Gohan

Alternate Timeline
Dr. Gero - Killed by 17
Choatzu - Androids
Frieza - Killed by Goku
Gohan - Androids
Goku - Heart Disease
Kami - When Piccolo dies because of the Androids
Krillin - Androids
Piccolo - Androids
Tenshinhan - Killed by Androids
Vegeta - Androids
Yajirobe - Killed by Androids
Yamcha - Killed by Androids

Cell's Timeline
Trunks - Killed by Cell

Trunks' Timeline
Cell - Killed by Trunks
Android 17 - Killed by Trunks
Android 18 - Killed by Trunks

Android 17 - When Cell self-destructed
Android 19 - Killed by Vegetas Big Bang Attack
Dr. Gero - Killed by 17
Bubbles - When Cell self-destructed
Cell - Super Saiyan 2 Gohan
Cell Jrs.- Super Saiyan 2 Gohan
Goku - Cell exploded when he teleported him away from Earth
Gregory - When Cell self-destructed
King Kaio - When Cell self-destructed
Trunks - Cell shot beam through stomach

Majin Buu
Android 18 - When Buu blew up the Earth
Babidi - Killed by Buu
Bulma - Turned into chocolate and eaten by Buu
Choazu - When Buu blew up the Earth
Chi-Chi - Turned into egg and stepped on
Darbura - Buu turned into cookie and was eaten
Ginyu - When Buu blew up the Earth
Gohan - When Buu blew up the Earth
Goten - When Buu blew up the Earth
Human Gunman - Killed by Buu
Human Gunmans Friend - Buu liquefies self, goes down Gunmans throat, then expands
Karin - When Buu blew up the Earth
Kibito - Killed by Dabura
Krillin - When Buu blew up the Earth
Majin Buu - Gokus Genki Dama
Oolong - Turned into chocolate and eaten.
Ox King - Turned into chocolate and eaten
Piccolo - When Buu blew up the Earth
Puar - Eaten by Buu
Pui Pui - Killed by Vegeta
Rou Dai Kaioshin - Gave up Life to Goku
Spopovich - Badibi explodes him
Tenshinhan - When Buu blew up the Earth
Trunks - When Buu blew up the Earth
Vegeta - Self explosion on Buu
Videl - Turned into chocolate and eaten
Yajirobe - When Buu blew up the Earth
Yakon - Absorbs too much energy from Goku
Yamucha - When Buu blew up the Earth
Yamu - Badibi blows him up

Dragonball GT
Android 17 - Killed by Goku and 18 after he fused with Artificial 17
Android 19 - Killed by Trunks
Dr. Gero - Killed by Dr. Myuu
Baby - Super Saiyan 4 Goku
Dr. Myuu - Killed by Baby, Killed by Super 17
Nappa - Killed by Vegeta
Super 17 - Killed by Goku and 18
Uub - Got turned into chocolate by accident and was eaten

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