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Dragonball AF

DragonBall AF is supposedly a new DragonBall series being developed in Japan. The AF is supposed to stand for either After Future, Alternate Future, or Another Future.

It turns out that Dragon Ball AF and Dragon Ball V are just rumors. FUNimation wants fans to know from the official source that Dragon Ball GT is the last series and neither AF nor V exist. As far as we know, and Toei has confirmed this matter, there are no future plans for any continuance of the Dragon Ball series beyond GT. But I have heard from multiple people that Fans are making a comic called Dragonball AF and FUNimation or Toei has nothing to do with it.

Dragonball AF Story:
In Dragon Ball AF Raditz is back as a Super Saiyan even goes SSJ 3, Freiza and Cooler fuse, Cell absorbs Android 8, Goku goes Super Saiyan level 5 and then 6 also goku learns how to fuse with 3 people.

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