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1. Goku vs. The Giant Fish -
This was Goku's first fight. While fishing with his tail a Giant fish bit it. Goku kicked the fish and killed it.

2. Goku vs. The Pterodactyl -
A Giant Talking Dinosaur kidnapped Bulma and was flying away. Goku hopped on Bulma's motorcycle and flew over a hill. Goku jumped for the dinosaur, but could not reach. He then hit and killed the dinosaur with his Nyobi.

3. Goku vs. Bear Thief -
On the way to bringing Master Roshi's Turtle to him Goku, Bulma, and The turtle run into a gigantic bear dressed like a warrior. The Bear threatens to eat the Turtle so Goku and the Bear fight. Goku uses the Janken technique (paper, scissors, rock technique) and defeats the bear with rock (A punch).

4. Goku vs. Oolong -
Not really much of a battle. Oolong just tried to scare away Goku, but had to keep running away because he could only transform for a limited time. Oolong ended up trailing along with Bulma and Goku.

5. Goku vs. Yamcha -
Goku met up with Bulma in the desert. They fought for awhile and it was pretty even. Yamcha ran away when Bulma walked over to were they were fighting.

6. Goku vs. Yamcha -
Yamucha and Puar are chasing Goku, Bulma, and Oolong in the desert. Yamcha demands the Dragonballs and when Goku refuses, the two begin to taunt each other. Finally when the fight begins, Yamcha loses a tooth and then runs away.

7. Chi Chi vs. T-Rex -
Chi Chi is out away from here home when a giant T-Rex begins to chase here. She takes a giant blade on here helmet and flings it at the Dinosaur. It cuts off its head and of course kills it.

8. Yamcha vs. Chi Chi -
Chi Chi after killing a dinosaur attacks Yamcha with here blade. The blade misses Yamcha, not even caring that it is a little girl, Yamcha defeats Chi Chi without any effort.

9. Goku vs. One of boss Rabbit's henchmen -
Goku runs into one of Boss Rabbits gun toting thugs and easily disposes of him.

10. Goku vs. Boss Rabbit -
Goku can not touch Boss Rabbit or he will be turned into a carrot. So he decides to beat on Boss Rabbit with his Nyobi. When Boss Rabbit is defeated he tells Goku the secret word to turn Bulma back into a human

11. Yamcha, Bulma, Puar, and Oolong vs. Oozaru Goku -
Goku sees the full moon and transforms. This breaks the others out of Lord Pilaf's castle, but then they have to turn Goku back into his normal form. Puar turns into a giant pair of scissors and cuts of Goku's tail

12. Goku vs. Seikan -
On Goku and Krillin's quest to find a woman for Master Roshi, Goku saves Lunch from Seikan.

13. Krillin vs. Sabertooth -
Just a sabertooth that Krillin defeats with ease. He ran into the sabertooth during his training under Master Roshi

14. Goku vs. Krillin -
During their training the two must find a specific rock for Master Roshi. Goku finds it first, but Krillin steals it and runs away. Krillin finally turns to face off against Goku. Goku does end up winning the fight, but Krillin tricks Goku into believing that he got rid of the rock.

15. Goku vs. Lunch -
Goku wakes up Lunch by mistake and because of a short temper, Lunch starts shooting at Goku. Goku kicks her though to stop her.

16. Goku vs. Oootoko -
Goku's first match in the Tenkaichi Budoukai. Goku easily pushes Oootoko out of the ring, but no one can believe that a mere boy pushed a monster like Oootoko out of the ring.

17. Krillin vs. Oorinji's Senbai -
Krillin faces off against one of the monk's from the temple he came from. Oorinji's Senbai used to pick on Krillin. Despite Krillin's fear, he defeats his opponent in one kick.

18. Goku vs. Bokusa -
This is Goku's next match in the Tenkaichi Budoukai, not much to say, Goku easily advances.

19. Krillin vs. Ken Pou Ka -
Ken Pou Ka is designed after Bruce Lee. He looks and talks like him. Not that bad of a match, but Ken Pou Ka is not much of a match for Krillin.

20. Goku vs. Bokusa -
Not really much of a fight. Goku picks up Bokusa and throws him out of the ring to advance to the next round.

21. Krillin vs. Bear Man -
This is Krillin's last match before the championship rounds. Bear Man punches at Krillin, Krillin dodges the punch, and counters with a kick that causes Bear Man to give up.

22. Krillin vs. Bacterium -
Krillin is put to the test against this dirt ball. Bacterium had never taken a shower and it shows. At one point Bacterium puts his hands in his shorts and rubs between his legs and then lets Krillin take a whiff. Bacterium sits and jumps on Krillin, but after Krillin is reminded by Goku that he does not have nose. Krillin then beats Bacterium

23. Yamcha vs. Jackie Chun (Master Roshi) -
Even though Yamcha does most of the attacking it is an easy victory for Jackie Chun. Yamcha kicked and punched at Jackie Chun, but Jackie Chun dodges all of the attacks. Finally Yamcha uses his Wolf Fang Technique which when used Jackie Chun just jumps over Yamcha. And uses a blast made of wind that knocks Yamcha out of the ring and therefore Jackie Chun wins.

24. Lanfan vs. Namu -
Lanfan was no match for Namu, but Namu had trouble hitting a girl. When Lanfan removed her shirt Namu went into shock, but finally Namu remembered that he was there to get water for his town and with that closed his eyes and in one blow knocked out Lanfan

25. Goku vs. Giran -
A fight that Goku almost lost. Giran spit two purple ring's on Goku which Goku could not break free of. When Giran threw Goku out of the ring Goku called for Kintoun which brought him back to the ring. After it was agreed that from now on the Kintoun was not allowed Goku broke free of the rings and then kicked a hole in a wall. When Giran saw Goku's strength he gave up.

26. Krillin vs. Jackie Chun -
Krillin is losing pretty badly to Jackie Chun in the match. Jackie Chun though is actually Master Roshi. Krillin eventually pulls out a pair of woman's underwear to distract the old man. Krillin then knocks him out of the ring, Jackie Chun uses a Kamehameha to propel himself back into the ring. After a little more, Krillin charges at Jackie Chun and is knocked out of the ring.

27. Goku vs. Namu -
Namu in this fight is outmatched, but does not easily fall for Goku's fake image technique and his whirlwind attack. In the end though Namu loses just because Goku outmatches him in speed and power.

28. Goku vs. Jackie Chun -
At the beginning of this fight each of the two opponents are trying to out do each other. Goku wins the Kamehameha match by a slight margin. Jackie Chun does a double fake image technique and Goku then does a triple fake image technique. Jackie Chun then uses his Drunken Style Attack where he wanders around the ring acting drunk. Goku knows what Jackie Chun is up to, though, and uses his mad dog attack where he just attacks wildly. The fight goes into the night and Goku sees the full moon, Goku then turns into his Monkey Form. Jackie Chun is forced to blow up the moon. After this fighting resumes and the two engage in hand to hand combat. The two go to kick each other, but because of his longer legs, he connects more solidly with Goku and Goku is knocked out. Jackie Chun with the Tenkaichi Budoukai

29. Goku vs. Red Ribbon Army Combatant Pair -
Under Captain Silver's command these two men are looking for the Dragonballs at the same time as Goku. Goku gets a Dragonball and the two men start to shoot at him

30. Goku vs. Captain Silver -
The two men radio Silver to tell him about Goku. Silver runs out and shoots Goku's cloud, destroying it. Silver then steals the Dragonball and Dragon Radar from Goku. Goku steals it back and then easily defeats Silver.

31. Goku vs. Red Ribbon Army's Combatant Pair -
Goku defeats two men who are looking for the Dragonballs, this is when Goku finds out that Jingle Villages Head Master has been captured by Red Ribbon.

32. Goku vs. Red Ribbon Army Countless Warriors -
On the second floor of Muscle Tower Goku defeats all of the Red Ribbon men.

33. Goku vs. Red Ribbon Army's 4th person -
Goku also defeats all of the Red Ribbon Army men who are on the fourth floor. Once again, very easily.

34. Goku vs. Sergeant Metallic -
Goku uses a Kamehameha to blow off the robot's head. Before Metallic can attack again his batteries run down.

35. Goku vs. Murasaki -
This is a match that covers a lot of ground and is even. In the end Murasaki makes five copies of himself, but Goku is still able to defeat Murasaki and the copies. Murasaki then runs to release Android #8.

36. Goku vs. Buyon -
Goku and Buyon don't seem to affecting each other very much. So, Goku punches a hole in the wall and jumps into Hatchan's coat. Goku then punches a whole in Buyon, destroying the monster.

37. Goku vs. General White -
Not much of a fight, White is defeated by Hatchan and Goku, even after he takes a hostage.

38. Goku vs. Machi Budouka -
A man on the street offers anyone 100,000 zeni if they can defeat him. Goku accepts and when the guy sees him put a whole in a wall, they man surrenders and pays Goku.

39. Goku vs. Machi Gumi -
A robber that Goku encounters on the street. Goku takes care of the robber with ease.

40. Goku vs. Red Ribbon -
Goku beats up a few guys who are shooting at Bulma.

41. Muten Roshi and Ranchi vs. Red Ribbons B Team -
A group of Red Ribbon Army soldiers go to Kame House in an attempt to get the Dragonballs. Master Roshi beats up all of the soldiers except for one, who is taken care of by Ranchi's alter ego Kushami.

42. Goku vs. Robot Pirate -
Goku doesn't have much of a problem with the Robot. After a short fight, Goku wins the battle with a Janken Punch.

43. Goku vs. Oodako -
Goku uses a Kamehameha to destroy the large octopus who wanted to eat him.

44. Blue Shogun vs. Krillin -
Krillin has the power to defeat Blue, but Blue uses a hypnosis technique to paralyse Krillin and then beat him to near death.

45. Blue Shogun vs. Goku -
Goku shows up and saves Krillin. Blue once again uses the paralyse technique on Goku, but it is broken when Blue is frightened by a mouse. Goku then uses Janken to knock Blue up against a wall. Goku, Krillin, and Bulma then escape from the cave they are in.

46. Blue Shogun vs. Arale -
Blue Shogun has the Dragonballs and the Dragon Radar when Arale is told to attack Blue. She very quickly beats up Blue and the Dragonballs are recovered.

47. Bora vs. Red Ribbon Army's 7th man -
Colonel Yellow and his men are trying to get a Dragonball from Bora, but he will do anything to protect his land. They fire at Bora, but the bullets do nothing. Bora then proceeds to destroy the army there, but Yellow is able to escape.

48. Goku vs. Colonel Yellow -
Goku very easily smashes Yellow's plane, killing him in the process.

49. Blue Shogun vs. Tao Pai Pai -
Commander Red has trouble believing that it is really the great Tao Pai Pai, so to prove it he tells Blue to attack Tao Pai Pai and way he wants, but that Tao Pai Pai can only use his tongue. Blue attacks and Tao Pai Pai uses his tongue to poke a whole in Blue's temple, killing him.

50. Bora vs. Tao Pai Pai -
Bora attacks Tao Pai Pai and Tap Pai Pai easily kills Bora with a spear through the chest.

51. Tao Pai Pai vs. Goku -
Goku uses Kamehameha on Tao Pai Pai, but it doesn't hurt him. Tao Pai Pai then uses Dodon and it looks as though Goku has been killed.

52. Tao Pai Pai vs. Goku -
After training at Karin Tower for three days Goku has become much more powerful and faster than Tao Pai Pai. Goku easily handles Tao Pai Pai and when Tao Pai Pai throws a bomb at Goku, Goku kicks it back killing the man.

53. Goku vs. Red Ribbon Army's Countless Warriors -
In an attempt to find the remaining Dragonballs, Goku attacks Red Ribbon Headquarters. Goku either defeats everyone on the island or they run away.

54. Goku vs. Advisor Black -
Black has just shot Commander Red, so now Black is the leader of Red Ribbon. Black uses a Battle Jacket (Self-manned robot) to fight Goku and does some damage at the beginning, but he celebrates to often and acts stupid. Goku goes through the Battle Jacket causing Black to explode with the robot.

55. Krillin vs. Dracula Man -
Krillin is knocked out of the ring and loses.

56. Upa and Puar vs. Dracula Man -
Upa and Puar try next. Upa eats garlic and Puar shape shifts, with this they are able to defeat Dracula Man.

57. Yamcha vs. Invisible man -
Yamcha has to fight an invisible man and isn't faring to well. Krillin has a plan, though. Krillin pulls down Bulma's tank top causing Master Roshi to have a major nose bleed. The blood coats the invisible man and after some fighting the guy gives up to Yamcha.

58. Yamcha vs. Little Mummy -
Yamcha is not able to do any damage against the mummies speed or power. Yamcha eventually gives up to avoid being killed.

59. Goku vs. Little Mummy -
Goku allows the Mummy to get in a few blows and then defeats the Mummy with one punch.

60. Goku vs. Akkuman -
Even though Akkuman is able to fly, Goku is still too fast for him. Akkuman uses his special attack which causes the least bit of evil in someone heart to expand and cause the person to explode. Goku has a pure heart though and is not affected. Goku then gets serious and defeats the Devil Man.

61. Goku vs. Unknown Ghost (Grandpa Gohan) -
Goku is not having trouble with the Ghost until it grabs his tail. After finding Goku's one weakness the Ghost beats up Goku pretty well. As the Ghost goes to kill Goku, Goku's tail falls off and Goku gets really mad now. The Ghost then decides to give up and then he reveals that he is actually Goku's dead grandfather, Gohan.

62. Goku vs. Mei -
Goku easily takes care of Pilaf, Shuu, and Mei and their Mecha suits to gain the last Dragonball.

63. Yamcha vs. Mohichan -
Yamcha wins his match in the Tenkaichi Budoukai with a knock out.

64. Krillin vs. Oootoko -
A large fighter who Krillin easily defeats.

65. Tenshinhan vs. Sumou Tori -
No one realizes how strong Tenshinhan is, but he easily wins his match surprising everyone.

66. Goku vs. King Chapa -
Chapa is a very strong opponent and everyone fears that Goku will lose. Goku has not changed much since three years ago when everyone saw him last. Goku easily wins, though.

67. Jackie Chun vs. Bear Man -
Jackie Chun easily wins this match and then apologizes to Bear Man for being to hard on him.

68. Tenshinhan vs. Yamcha -
This starts off as a very even match. At one point Yamcha uses the Kamehameha, but Tenshinhan deflects it back at him. Yamcha jumps up to avoid the attack and Tenshinhan appears and knocks him out. Tenshinhan is declared the winner.

69. Jackie Chun vs. Man-wolf -
Man-wolf is mad at Jackie Chun for destroying the moon. Man-wolf says that he will kill Jackie. In the middle of the match Man wolf pulls out a knife, but this is not allowed. The fight continues though. Jackie Chun convinces Man-wolf to act like a dog and when Jackie throws a bone the guy chases it and is disqualified.

70. Krillin vs. Chaotzu-
Krillin proves to be faster than Chaotzu expected and knocks him out of the ring, but Chaotzu can float so he is fine. Chaotzu then powers up to use Dodon and Krillin powers up to use a Kamehameha. Krillin fires him blast and then jumps out of the way of the Dodon. Chaotzu however paralyses Krillin's heart and is going to kill him. In an effort to break the concentration, Krillin asks Chaotzu a math problem, and this works. Krillin, must do this twice though before he is able to knock out Chaotzu.

71. Goku vs. Panputto -
Goku defeats this many time world champion with no effort at all.

72. Tenshinhan vs. Jackie Chun -
In this match Jackie Chun steps out of the ring so he would lose on purpose. He wanted Tenshinhan to face Goku that was the reason for him to lose.

73. Goku vs. Krillin -
These two friends each promise to try their hardest and many times throughout the fight comment on how much fun they are having. We also learn that Goku's tail is no longer his weakness. Goku finally gets serious and when he appears in front of Krillin, the boy is so surprised that he is knocked out of the ring.

74. Goku vs. Tenshinhan -
This is the championship match in the Tenkaichi Budoukai. This is a very equal match, but in the end Tenshinhan tries to kill Goku. Tenshinhan uses a kikoho, but both the fighters are strong, the only problem is the ring is gone. So the first person to hit the ground will lose. Goku hits first, so Tenshinhan wins the title.

75. Master Roshi vs. Tsurusennin (Tien Shinhan's Former Master) -
Master Roshi and Tsurusennin were both trained by Master Mutaito, but Master Roshi is good and Tsurusennin is evil. We also learn that when they were younger, Master Mutaito had died trying to seal Piccolo in the Denshi Jar.

76. Tambourine vs. Goku -
Goku finds Tanbarin, but is still weak from fighting in the tournament. Tambourine is the one who killed Krillin. Tambourine destroys Kintoun. Tanbarin smashes Goku down to the Earth and thinks that Goku is dead, he then leaves with his Dragonball.

77. Goku vs. Yajirobe -
Goku eats Yajirobe's fish and Yajirobe is not happy at this. He throws a boulder at Goku and Goku thinks he is the monster that killed Krillin because he has a dragonball on him. Goku then realizes that this is a different Dragonball and apologizes.

78. Yajirobe vs. Cymbol -
Cymbol shows up while Goku and Yajirobe are talking. Cymbol wants to kill Yajirobe for his Dragonball and Yajirobe wants to eat Cymbol for breakfast. After a lot of talking and little fighting, Yajirobe uses his sword to slice Cymbol in half and kill him.

79. Tambourine vs. Giran -
King Piccolo has ordered that all of the Tenkaichi Budoukai participants from the last ten years be killed. This is why Tambourine kills Giran.

80. Tambourine vs. Goku -
Goku defeats Tambourine rather easily. He uses his one pattern to confuse and get in a shot on the monster. When Tambourine tries and escape, Goku uses a Kamehameha to kill him.

81. Goku vs. King Piccolo -
King Piccolo shows up in his ship to see who has killed his children. When Yajirobe hears the name King Piccolo he remembers who King Piccolo is and gives Goku his Dragonball and then runs off. King Piccolo only has half of his original power because of his age, but he still defeats Goku. King Piccolo is surprised though at Goku's great power. King Piccolo goes away thinking that he has killed Goku. Out from behind a tree comes Yajirobe only to find out that Goku is still alive.

82. Master Roshi vs. King Piccolo -
Master Roshi tells Piccolo that he must fight him to gain the Dragonballs. Master Roshi attempts to use the Mafuuba attack to seal Piccolo in the Denshi Jar, but Master Roshi's aim is off and the attack drains all of his life energy, killing him.

83. King Piccolo vs. Guard -
When Piccolo declares himself ruler of the world one of the emperor's guards objects and is killed.

84. Tenshinhan vs. Drum -
Piccolo spits out a new child to fight Tenshinhan. The fight is even at first, but Drum blind sides Tenshinhan and is ordered to rip out his heart. As Drum is about to kill Tenshinhan, Goku shows up and saves the day.

85. Goku vs. Drum -
Goku easily defeats Drum and Piccolo can not believe that this is the same Goku that he fought.

86. Goku vs. King Piccolo -
Piccolo and Goku fight and at the beginning Goku is beating around King Piccolo. King Piccolo is amazed at the boys power and Tenshinhan can not even follow the two. Goku then tells King Piccolo to fight at full power and Goku agrees to also. The fight goes on and it is evident that King Piccolo is winning, King Piccolo even uses Tenshinhan as a hostage to assure that Goku will not attack him. Finally though, Goku uses a different form of the Kamehameha and defeats King Piccolo with one punch, the power of the water from Karin Tower is evident in the attack.

87. Goku vs. Mr. Popo -
In order to meet Kami, Goku must fight Mr. Popo. Goku does not pass the test, though, because he does not move like the lightening. Goku is permitted to see Kami anyway, however.

88. Goku vs. King Chapa -
Goku's first match in the Tenkaichi Budoukai. When the fight begins Goku travels behind Chapa without anyone seeing him and when Chapa turns around, Goku knocks him out.

89. Tao Pai Pai vs. Chaotzu -
Chaotzu fights Tao Pai Pai in the Tenkaichi Budoukai and is killed. He is the only Z warrior not to win his first round.

90. Shen (Kami's Human form) vs. Yajirobe -
Shen rushes at Yajirobe and knocks him out.

91. Tao Pai Pai vs. Tenshinhan -
Near the beginning of the fight Tao Pai Pai pulls out a blade and is disqualified, but he continues to fight. Tao Pai Pai is no match for Tenshinhan though and he easily knocks him out.

92. Goku vs. Chi Chi -
Goku does not remember who Chi Chi and the only way that she will tell him is if he defeats her. So Goku uses the power of the wind to knock the girl out of the ring.

93. Krillin vs. Ma Junior (Piccolo) -
Krillin is defeated by Piccolo in this fight, but shows that he has learned a new move. Krillin is now able to levitate.

94. Shen (Kami's Human form) vs. Yamcha -
Shen defeats Yamcha very easily. Throughout the whole match Shen gives Yamucha tips on his fighting. Goku realize who Shen really is and Yajirobe makes a comment that he knows, also.

95. Goku vs. Tenshinhan -
The match begins and it is even, but Goku asks Tenshinhan for a break to take off some clothes. Goku takes off his shirt and shoes and between those there is over 200 pounds of clothes and Goku now doesn't have as much of a problem with Tenshinhan. Tenshinhan splits into four different people, but Goku still is able to defeat all four.

96. Shen (Kami's human form) vs. Ma Junior (Piccolo) -
Shen attempts to perform Mafuuba on Piccolo, but Shen is in a host body that is weak and when Ma Junior returns with a Mafuuba Kami is taken from his human body. Before Kami goes unconscious he warns Goku that fighting Piccolo is not the same as fighting King Piccolo.

97. Goku vs. Ma Junior (Piccolo) -
This was the championship fight in the Tenkaichi Budoukai, but the world was what is up for stake. The fight is back and forth the whole time. Goku uses his Chou Kamehameha, but that does not work. After a long fight Piccolo goes to use his strongest move, but Goku has learned how to fly and he flies at Piccolo knocking him out of the ring and winning the Budoukai. Piccolo flies off and the group celebrates.

98. Raditz vs. Goku -
This is when Raditz first arrives on Earth. He tells Goku that he must kill one hundred people or he would kill Gohan.

99. Raditz vs. Piccolo and Goku -
The first Major fight in DBZ. Raditz appears to be having to problem with Goku and Piccolo. During this fight Gohan's true power is revealed. Raditz is defeated when Goku holds Raditz still so Piccolo can use his Makansappo. This kills both Raditz and Goku. Afterward Piccolo takes Gohan so he can be trained.

100. Gohan vs. T-Rex -
Gohan has some fun with a T-Rex. On two occasion's these two fight. On the second occasion Gohan cuts of its tail and eats it.

101. Tenshinhan vs. Saibaman -
The first to fight one of Nappa's Saibamen. He defeat's it pretty easily.

102. Yamcha vs. Saibaman -
Yamcha fights the saibaman and it looks as though it was defeated easily. When Yamcha is off guard the saibaman jumps up and self-destructs killing Yamcha.

103. Krillin vs. Saibamen -
Kuririn is very upset because he was going to fight instead of Yamucha. Kuririn forms as amazing energy blast which kills all of Saibamen in one shot.

104. Piccolo vs. Saibaman -
It turns out that one Saibaman was left and it jumps for Gohan. Piccolo uses his mouth blast to kill it.

105. Tenshinhan vs. Nappa -
No matter how much Tenshinhan fight's he is no match for Nappa. Tenshinhan gets his hand cut off. In a last ditch effort Tenshinhan forms one last energy blast which might of killed Nappa if he would not have seen it coming.

106. Piccolo vs. Nappa -
Like the others Piccolo is no match for Nappa. Piccolo is killed when he jumps in front of a blast that is shot at Gohan.

107. Nappa vs. Goku -
Goku showed up when only Krillin and Gohan were left. Goku made a fool out of Nappa and broke his back. Nappa was killed by Vegeta.

108. Vegeta vs. Goku -
The second great fight in DBZ. Goku is not able to kill Vegeta. Yajirobe helps out by cutting off Vegeta's tail while he is transformed. Kuririn and Gohan help out also. Krillin could have killed Vegeta with Yajirobie's sword, but Goku tells Kuririn to let him go.

109. Gohan and Krillin vs. Two of Frieza's weak henchmen -
Right when Gohan and Kuririn arrive on Namek they are sensed through one of the scouters. Two of Frieza's weak henchmen are sent. Instead of having an easy fight Gohan and Krillin easily kill the two men

110. Vegeta vs. Kui -
Kui follows Vegeta to Namek. Kui thinks that his power level is much stronger than Vegeta's. In one blast Kui is killed by Vegeta.

111. Zarbon vs. Namekians -
When the Namek Elders will not show Frieza where the Dragonball is Zarbon is ordered to show the Namekians his power. In the process two Namekians are killed and one of Frieza's henchman.

112. Friezas Henchmen vs. Three Namekians -
The three Namekians attack and kill all of Frieza's henchman.

113. Dodoria vs. Three Namekians -
The three Namekians were able to defeat the henchman, but are no match for Dodoria. Dodoria easily defeats the three. In an effort to show no mercy Dodoria even punches a hole in one of the Namekians.

114. Vegeta vs. Dodoria -
Basically in this fight there isn't much of a fight. Dodoria convinces Vegeta to let him go if he tells Vegeta the truth. Dodoria then tells Vegeta that is was Frieza that blew up Planet Vegeta. Vegeta being the bad ass he is still ended up killing Dodoria

115. Zarbon vs. Vegeta -
Zarbon wasn't strong enough to defeat Vegeta until he transformed. After that Zarbon beat the crap out of Vegeta and blasted him into a lake. Later Zarbon retrieved him and brought him back to Frieza's ship.

116. Zarbon vs. Vegeta (Second Time) -
Vegeta was much stronger that Zarbon during this fight. Even after Zarbon transformed Vegeta punched into Zarbon's chest and then blasted him from inside killing him.

117. Kuririn and Gohan vs. Guldo -
Krillin and Gohan were much stronger than Guldo. Guldo was able to live though because he could freeze time. Finally Guldo Froze Krillin and Gohan in there places took a tree and was going to stab them. Just then Vegeta jumped in and cut off Guldo's head.

118. Vegeta vs. Recoome -
As usual, Vegeta tries his hardest, but is no match for Recoome. Recoome knocks Vegeta around for a while and right as he is about to go in for the kill Krillin and Gohan interfere.

119. Goku vs. Recoome -
Basically Goku and Recoome stood in front of each other. Recoome charged up for his Recoome Boom and before Recoome even saw his Goku sped forward and punched Recoome in the stomach taking Recoome out of battle. Recoome was later killed by Vegeta

120. Goku vs. Burter and Jeice -
Once again not much of a fight. Goku was in control the whole time. The two Ginyu members could not believe Goku's speed. Even when they used there final attack Goku was still to fast. Goku took out Burter and Jeice flew away. Burter was later killed by Vegeta.

121. Goku vs. Ginyu -
At the beginning of this fight, Ginyu does not realize Goku's immense strength. Ginyu's power level is around 120,000 and Goku powers up to over 180,000. At one point Jeice appears and grabs Goku thus giving Ginyu an easy chance to beat Goku. Ginyu says that he does not fight that way, though. Ginyu eventually uses his body switch technique to change bodies with Goku.

122. Frieza vs. Nail -
Nail's job was to distract Frieza and he did a great job of it. Frieza beat Nail within an inch of his life. When Frieza found out what was going on he sped away quickly leaving Nail to die.

123. Ginyu (In Goku's body) vs. Gohan and Krillin -
Ginyu still is having trouble using Goku's body. Gohan and Krillin at first have trouble attacking Goku's body, they get past this though and easily defeat Ginyu. Ginyu goes to switch bodies with Vegeta, but when a frog is thrown in the way, Ginyu enters the frogs body.

124. Vegeta vs. Jeice -
Jeice is no match for Vegeta. Vegeta gets his revenge by killing Jeice. During this fight, Vegeta declares himself a Super Saiyan.

125. Gohan vs. Frieza (Second form) -
The Z warriors are still trying to pass the time until Goku is ready to fight. Gohan starts off by knocking Frieza to the ground. Frieza though does not let that happen again and easily fights off Gohan.

126. Goku vs. Frieza -
A very long fight so I will only give the main points. Frieza was forced to transform into his fourth form. Frieza killed Dende and Vegeta. Piccolo distracted Frieza while Goku formed his biggest Genki Dama ever and fired it at Frieza. The Z warriors began to celebrate. Frieza was still alive and appeared from a mountain. He shot a beam through Piccolo which nearly killed him, actually the beam was shot at Goku and Piccolo jumped in the way. Frieza then uses an attack to make Krillin explode. Goku then turned Super Saiyan and ordered for Gohan to leave with Bulma and Piccolo. So to move on Goku had the advantage the rest of the fight pretty much. Frieza was cut in half by a disc that he fired at Goku. Goku then gave Frieza some energy so he could escape the explosion. Frieza turned on Goku and Goku was forced to put Frieza out of commission.

127. Future Trunks vs. King Kold's henchmen -
All these weak men were forced to fight Trunks so Trunks had a field day and killed them all very easily.

128. Trunks vs. Friezabot -
Not much of a fight here. Trunks cut Frieza into a million pieces and then blows him up

129. Trunks vs. King Kold -
King Kold thinks that the only reason Trunks beat his son is because of his sword. So King Kold got Trunks sword, but Trunks easily killed him

130. Dr. Gero vs. Yamcha -
Yamcha was the first of the Z warriors to meet up with the androids. Dr Gero put his hand through Yamcha's chest and then absorbed all of Yamcha's energy.

131. Android 19 vs. Super Saiyan Goku -
When this fight first began Goku was in perfect condition and you could see it when he fought. For most of the fight Goku was untouchable, dodging every one of Android 19's attack. Later, Goku began to feel the effects of his heart disease. Goku, after getting beaten up pretty bad, fires a Kamehameha, but it is absorbed by Android 19. Android 19 plays with Goku and Android 20 (who is Dr. Gero) will not allow the others to intervene. Goku is finally saved when Vegeta appears and kicks Android 19 out of the way.

132. Android 19 vs. Super Saiyan Vegeta -
This fight immediately follows Goku's. Vegeta watched Goku and 19 fight, so he developed a technique to get passed 19's ability to suck energy from his hands.. Vegeta asked. "Do androids feel pain before he ripped the androids arms and quickly defeated him.

133. Piccolo vs. Dr. Gero -
Piccolo is grabbed by Gero and Gero covers Piccolo's mouth (so Piccolo can't yell) and sucks his energy out. When Piccolo is on the verge of death, he uses telepathy to call Gohan and Gohan knocks Gero off of him. Piccolo is given a senzu and tells Gero that he only let him absorb a little bit of his energy, then chops his arm off so he can't absorb any more energy. Bulma arrives and while everyone is distracted, Dr. Gero runs away.

134. Dr. Gero vs. Android 17 -
Android 17 simply kicks Dr. Gero's head off and steps on it.

135. Android 18 vs. Super Saiyan Vegeta -
Vegeta says he won't hold back on 18 because she is a girl. Little did he know that he would have to go all out. This fight took place on a freeway and ended up on a sandy hill. In this fight 18 broke Vegeta's arm in one swift quick and easily won.

136. Imperfect Cell vs. Piccolo -
Imperfect Cell attacks Piccolo with a Kamehameha, which surprised him. Imperfect Cell then destroys Piccolo's arm and begins to suck his energy. Piccolo just regenerates a new arm and declares he can still defeat Cell. Krillin and Trunks arrive. Cell uses a Solar Flare to escape the fight and then Cell goes off in search of the Androids.

137. Piccolo vs. Android 17 -
At one point Piccolo is under Android 17, but both are in the air. Piccolo fires about 100 ki blasts, but they all miss Android 17 badly. Android 17 is wondering what is going on and looks up. When Android 17 looks up he realizes that he is surrounded by hundreds of Ki blasts. Piccolo then has all the Ki blasts engage toward 17 all at once. Android 17 uses a shield though to block the attack. There is no winner in this fight because Cell finally shows up.

138. Imperfect Cell vs. Android 17 -
Imperfect Cell came to absorb Android 17 and he does exactly that. Android 17 is no match for Cell, Piccolo warned Android 17 of this, but he did not listen.

139. Imperfect Cell vs. Android 16 -
This is Android 16's first battle. In an effort to protect Android 18, 16 has to fight. Android 16 is proven to be the strongest of the three androids, but is still defeated by Cell.

140. Cell vs. Vegeta -
Vegeta has just arrived from the Room of Spirit and Time. Vegeta is sure to show his pride in this fight. Vegeta holds his own against Cell and the two appear to be even. Vegeta wants more of a match, so he allows Cell to absorb Android 18, with this, Cell becomes Perfect Cell.

141. Cell vs. Krillin -
Krillin attacks Cell, but Cell doesn't react to any of his attacks showing the Krillin is not hurting Cell. Krillin realizes he is no match for Cell and Cell easily defeats him.

142. Super Saiyan Vegeta vs. Cell -
Vegeta is made aware of his mistake in this fight. Now that he let Cell become Perfect, Vegeta can't seem to inflict any pain. No matter what he does, he is not able to defeat Cell.

143. Cell vs. Super Saiyan Trunks -
Trunks comes out with a lot of energy and this Surprises Vegeta and Cell. At first Cell is worried, but as the battle goes on it becomes apparent that not even Trunks can seem to hurt Cell.

144. Cell vs. Mr. Satan -
Mr. Satan attempts to fight, but with a smack, Mr. Satan is sent flying from the ring.

145. Super Saiyan Gohan vs. Android 17 and 18 -
This is a battle fought in the time from which Trunks came from. In the battle Gohan fights the two androids with one arm. Gohan looks as though he will win, but that thought is soon defeated. The Androids beat up Gohan and finish him off with several Ki blasts. On a brighter note though, seeing that Gohan has dies is what causes Trunks to go Super Saiyan.

146. Super Saiyan Goku vs. Cell -
This is the first equal opponent for Perfect Cell. The two exchange blows evenly and this match is too close to call. In the middle of the fight though, Goku gives up and says that Gohan will fight in his place.

147. Cell vs. Gohan -
This fight starts when Goku forfeits and lets Gohan take over. Gohan does poorly at first and reaches the brink of death. Goku keeps telling Gohan to "get mad", so Cell tries to make Gohan made by creating "Cell Juniors" which beat up on the Z warriors. Android 16 jumps in and tries to do a self-destruct to Cell. The explosion will kill everyone in the area and after a few minutes of anticipation nothing happens. Krillin remembers that Dr. Briefs took that ability away from 16 when he was working on him in his lab. Cell laughs and blows 16 into pieces. More fighting occurs and Gohan is beaten even worse. Later, the head of 16 (all that is left of him) asks Mr. Satan to throw him near Gohan. Mr. Satan regretfully agrees. When 16 is near Gohan he tells him that it is OK to fight for something you believe in and encourages Gohan to fight with all of his power. Just as he finishes speaking, Cell steps on 16 and destroys him forever. Gohan is enraged at this and everything that been happening so much, that it causes him to go Super Saiyan 2. Gohan kills all of the Cell Juniors with ease and easily beats up on Cell. Cell is about to die and Gohan is starting to toy with him. Goku tells Gohan to "finish him", but Gohan is so enraged that he says he deserves much more. Goku is shocked because Gohan is going overboard. Cell spits out 18 and starts returning to his imperfect body. In desperation, Cell uses his self-destruct and is going to blow up the world. Gohan is upset because he should have killed him and now there is nothing he can do. Suddenly, Goku says his goodbyes to everyone and uses instantaneous movement to teleport Cell to King Kai's place. When Gohan realizes what he is doing he mourns, Krillin helps him up and they walk away.

148. Cell vs. Super Saiyan 2 Gohan -
Cell destroys Android 16, putting Gohan over the edge. Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2. This fight is extremely even and in the end a Kamehameha battle is what will decide it. Gohan though gains the help of all the Z warriors in the firing of his Kamehameha and is able to kill Cell for good this time.

149. Trunks vs. Android 17 and 18 -
After Cell is defeated in the alternate time, Trunks goes back into his time. Trunks easily kills Androids 17 and 18.

150. Trunks vs. Cell -
After killing 17 and 18, Trunks kills Cell very easily before he has a chance to start absorbing people.

151. Gohan vs. Kougoutou Shinin Kumi (4th set of Burglers) -
Just a few robbers that Gohan ran into. In an effort to disguise himself Gohan goes Super Saiyan. He stops the robbers effortlessly.

152. Great Saiyaman and Videl vs. Goutou Futari Gumi (Pair of Burglars) -
Gohan finally has a disguise and Gohan and Videl run into a few burglars which they easily stop.

153. Idarsa vs. Trunks -
Trunks first match in the Junior's Tenkaichi Budoukai. Idarsa is no match for Trunks.

154. Imamo vs. Koryu -
Not much of a fight, Imamo wins when Koryu cries instead of fighting.

155. Goten vs. Ikose -
Trunks took care of Ikose's brother Idarsa and now Goten easily defeats Ikose.

156. Chibi Trunks vs. Goten -

This is a great match takes place in the Tenkaichi Budokai's Junior Division. After easily defeating everyone, the only kids left are Goten and Trunks. They agree not to use their Super Saiyan and ki attacks. During the fight Trunks gets Goten in a squeeze hold and tells Goten to hurry and give up or else he may die. Goten goes Super Saiyan and flies out. Trunks is upset because he broke the rule, but Goten said it was an accident. Trunks tells Goten that he can beat him with one arm, and near the end he cheats by going Super Saiyan and using 2 arms to knock Goten out of the ring. Goten looses and calls Trunks a cheater, but Trunks said it was an accident just like when Goten went Super Saiyan. Trunks tells Goten he can have any three of his toys and Goten is happy again.

157. Trunks vs. Hercule -
Hercule is fearing for his life when he hears that he has to fight the winner of the Junior Division, Trunks. As usual, Hercule thinks of a plan to get out of the fight. Hercule tells Trunks that before they fight they must tap each other lightly on the cheek. He said that so he can act really hurt when he gets hit and pretend he "let Trunks win". When the match starts, Hercule tells Trunks to tap him on the cheek, the crowd is amazed that he is gonna give trunks a free hit. Trunks does what Hercule tells him, but the tap sends Hercule flying into a brick wall. The crowd is in shock and Hercule slowly gets to his feet. When he gets up he pretends like he acted to be hurt, the crowd bought it, and they all chanted his name. Trunks thinks Hercule really is good because he "let him win". When Hercule returns to his locker room, we see that the punch really did hurt him.

158. Krillin vs. Punta -
This is Krillin's first match in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai. Krillin wins this match without breaking a sweat.

159. Ma Junior (Piccolo) vs. Shin (Supreme Kai) -
Shin uses magic to paralyse Piccolo. Since Piccolo can not move he just gives up.

160. Supopo Bitchi vs. Videl -
Supopo Bitchi beats Videl into submission. Something is up though because Supopo Bitchi is stronger than usual and also has a strange "M" on his forehead.

161. Yamu and Spopovich vs. Gohan -
Kibito and Supreme Kai set up Gohan in this fight. They paralyse Gohan and allow Yamuu and Spopovich to suck out Gohan's power. They do this so that they would be able to track Yamu and Spopovich to their headquarters.

162. Pui Pui vs. Vegeta -
Vegeta tells Supreme Kai and Gohan that he wants to fight this one alone. This fight occurs in Babidi's Spaceship. Pui Pui is surprised that Vegeta wants to fight alone. Vegeta is easily taking care of Vegeta when Babidi changes the gravity to 10x. This is Pui Pui's home planets gravity. They do not realize that Vegeta is used to this gravity and Vegeta easily defeats Pui Pui.

163. Yakon vs. Goku -
Goku fights Yakon after Pui Pui has already been defeated. The room the two are in is pitch black. So Goku uses his ki to light up the room. It is unknown to him though that Yakon swallows light energy so that he can gain energy. Goku decides to power up all the way, going Super Saiyan, and Yakon absorbs so much energy that he explodes.

164. Android 18 vs. Hercule -
Android 18 and Satan are the final two people in the Tenkaichi Budoukai now that everyone has left. Hercule knows he has no chance of beating 18 so he offers her money to throw the match. Android 18 agrees and Hercule wins with a Super Satan Punch.

165. Gohan vs. Darbura -
Gohan fights Darbura on the next level of Babidi's spaceship. Darbura is able to turn people into stone by hitting them with his spit. Gohan has a lot of trouble in this match and Vegeta draws the attention of Babidi when he continuously mocks Gohan. Darbura leaves the fight to inform Babidi that Vegeta has evil in him and that he should be turned into a Majin.

166. Majin Vegeta vs. Goku -
Vegeta lets himself get possessed by Babidi, so that he can get more power. After he does this Vegeta, Goku, and the others are teleported to the Tenkaichi Budokai Arena. Vegeta blows up the stands to provoke Goku. Goku realizes what Vegeta is doing and that he let himself be possessed. Goku is outraged and agrees to a fight with Vegeta , even though Supreme Kai tells him it is just Babidi's way to gain energy for Majin Buu. Vegeta and Goku go to an empty location and start to fight. In the middle of the fight Goku senses Majin Buu and says that they should stop and go find out what is happening. Vegeta agrees and Goku lets his guard down because he thinks the fight is over. When Goku reaches for the last senzu bean, (he is taking it to prepare for the Majin-Buu fight) Vegeta hits Goku and knocks him out. He takes the senzu bean and flies off.

167. Fat Buu vs. Dabura -
Darbura agree with the fact that Buu has been released. Darbura begins a fight with Buu. Darbura is defeated, but he does not die.

168. Gohan and Supreme Kai vs. Fat Buu -
Gohan and Supreme Kai are no match for Fat Buu. After the fight Gohan is thought to be dead and Supreme Kai is close to dead.

169. Fat Buu vs. Dabura -
In this fight Darbura is turned into food and eaten by Fat Buu.

170. Fat Buu vs. Majin Vegeta -
This is Majin Vegeta's last fight. Vegeta starts out by knocking Buu all over the place. It looks as if Buu has no chance to win. Soon, Buu fully recovers and Vegeta starts to wonder if Buu is immortal because he can't be damaged. When Vegeta is almost dead, Trunks and Goten fly in and kick Majin Buu away. Vegeta arises and realizes the only way to kill Buu is to ensure that all of his flesh is blown up, so that he can not regenerate. He hugs Trunks and tells him to take care of his mother. Piccolo watches from the air and figures out what Vegeta is going to do. Vegeta knocks Trunks and Goten out and tells Piccolo to take them home. Vegeta asks Piccolo if he will be able to see Goku when he dies, but Piccolo tells him that he will not go to heaven and will be sent to hell for killing so many innocent people. Vegeta tells Piccolo to hurry Piccolo, Trunks, Goten, and Krillin fly off. Majin Buu starts to approach and Vegeta prepares to blow himself up in hopes to kill Buu forever. Piccolo flies off knowing that Vegeta is finally fighting for someone other than himself. Vegeta does his explosion and it wipes out everything.. Or does it?

171. Piccolo vs. Babidi -
Babidi uses magic and that  ads to Piccolo's frustration. Piccolo attacks Babidi and the shield Babidi forms does nothing. Piccolo chops Babidi in half.

172. Super Saiyan 3 Goku vs. Fat Buu -
This is the first time that Goku goes Super Saiyan 3 in battle. Goku has 24 hours on Earth and is using the time fighting Buu. Goku is trying to buy time for Trunks so that he can find the dragon radar. It is apparent that Goku can defeat Buu. Once Trunks the dragon radar though, Goku runs out of time and must leave.

173. Hercule vs. Bad Guys -
Two men go on a killing spree and killed Buu's dog Bee and shot Hercule. Buu heals the two, but with all of his anger inside he explodes forming Thin Buu.

174. Bad Guy vs. Thin Buu -
Thin Buu blows the bad guy to pieces with a Ki blast.

175. Fat Buu vs. Thin Buu -
Thin Buu is much more powerful compared to Fat Buu. Fat Buu is not able to defeat Thin Buu and is absorbed forming Super Buu.

176. Super Buu vs. Bad Guy's Assistant -
Thin Buu liquefies himself, shoots himself down the assistants throat, and then expands, causing the assistant to blow up.

177. Gotenks vs. Super Buu -
Gotenks is excited to fight and does not listen to Piccolo when he warns Gotenks of Super Buu. Gotenks does not list, runs off and fight, and loses badly. Gotenks retreats.

178. Gohan vs. Super Buu -
With the power of Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks in him Buu is very powerful. Gohan holds his own though and is actually winning the fight. However though as a backup Buu left some of himself laying around and uses that to absorb Gohan.

179. Vegito vs. Super Buu -
Super Buu is now made up of Piccolo, Gohan, Trunks, and Gohan. Vegito though is powerful enough to defeat Buu. Vegito though is extremely cocky and cares more about showing off than finishing off Buu. This allows Buu to swallow Vegito, but while in Buu the fusion between Vegeta and Goku wore off.

180. Super Saiyan 3 Goku vs. Majin Buu -
Buu is now pure evil and in his most deadly form, Kid Buu. This is a great fight, but after a while Goku takes a break so he will be able to recharge.

181. Vegeta vs. Majin Buu -
Vegeta is fighting Buu so that Goku would be able to re charge his ki. Goku is taking forever though and even though Vegeta is putting his all in to it, he is still not a match for Buu. It can be said that in this fight Vegeta goes from being a bad guy to being a good guy.

182. Majin Buu vs. Fat Buu -
Majin Buu spits out Fat Buu while fighting Vegeta. Fat Buu takes over for Vegeta and even though he does not hurt Majin Buu he gives Goku more time to re charge.

183. Majin Buu vs. Vegeta -
Vegeta now is buying time so that Goku would be able to form a Genki Dama. Vegeta uses the dragonballs to wish back everyone on Earth and with this wish Vegeta is brought back to the living state. With all the people on the Earth now, a powerful Genki Dama is able to be formed.

184. Majin Buu vs. Goku -
With the help of Satan, Goku is able to get energy from all the people on Earth for his Chou Genki Dama. Goku uses the Genki Dama to destroy Majin Buu for good. Goku wishes though that Majin Buu be brought back as a good person though.

185. Vegeta vs. Noshiku -
Some teenager who to decided to mess with Vegeta before their match. He called Vegeta an old man. Well without even turning around, Vegeta punched him across the arena.

186. Pan vs. Mou Kekko -
Some huge guy who looks like he would kill Pan. After a punch and then a kick Pan knocks him out of the ring.

187. Goku vs. Uub -
This fight is during the Tenkaichi Budoukai. Ubuu is very nervous, but once Goku attacks him starts to fight back. Goku realizes this kids great power and asks him if he would like to go and train for him.

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