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Attack list


Akumaitokosen-An attack used to find the evil in a person's heart, then make that evil in the person, and the whole person explode. It only works on people who have evil in their heart.

Amenbono Jyutsu-A technique used to walk on water using special foot pads.

Ayatsuri no Majyutsu -Babidi's magic skills that allow him to control anyone evil, "making someone a majin".

Arale Kick -A flying kick used by Arale.
Users-Arale chan


Bakuhatsuha- By raising 2 fingers the user can destroy the whole are around or underneath an opponent.
Users-Nappa, Vegita

Bakurikimaha- Piccolo Daimaou's biggest attack, a extremely large blast shot from one hand, with the other hand gripping the firing arms wrist for support. One of the biggest ki attacks in regular Dragonball.
Users-Piccolo Daimaou

Blue's Psychic Ability- Blue Shogun uses his eyes to completely paralyze someone. He can also manipulate inanimate objects a little.
Users-Blue Shogun

Bio Ekisyushyu Kyodai Ka-When Bio Brolli absorbs matter and becomes larger from it.
Users-:Bio Brolli

Magic Barrier-Exactly what it sounds like, although it can be broken.

Ban Kokubikuri Shyou-Jackie Chun's most powerful attack. He presses his palms together, charges up, then hits his opponent with a continuous high charged electrical beam. A very powerful attack that nearly killed Gokou in Dragonball.
Users-Jackie Chun

Body Change-Ginyu's ability to switch bodies with anyone he wishes by shouting, "Change!". A beam then shoots out of his mouth, and must connect with the character's body that he wishes to take. Whatever the beam hits, he will become and the other thing will be left in his body.

Biggu Bang Attack-This is Vejita's first attack he usess as a Super Saiya-jin. He raises his right palm then charges for a moment shouts "Biggu Bang Attack", and lets a powerful ball of energy shoot out of his palm towards his enemy.

Bukujutsu -Flying with ki.
Users-Practically everyone.

Bushitsu Shyutsu Gen Majyutsu -The ability to make any object suddenly appear.
Users-Akuman, Kaiou-sama, Darbura, Piccolo, Kaiou-shin

Buriiko-A flirtatious move used to stall an opponent.

Brain Crush Hammer-Gotenks doing more stupid pointless but funny stuff.

Breath-Although the idea of it is prettywellweird, it is a powerful technique which can level entire cities.
Users-Fat Buu

Breath Niyoru Henka Beam Kaeshi -This attack is a strong gust of breath that blows a beam of energy back at the character who shot it.
Users-Old Buu

Bunkai Teleport -A type of teleportation where the user turns into tons of little pieces and then comes back together where he appears.

Bunshin-A technique used to create a duplicate of yourself, often used for training oneself.
Users-Piccolo, Kuririn, Metamucha

Bunseki-When Android 15 analyzes all the information on a person using Dr. Geros computer.
Users-Artificial Human 15

Bunretsu Kougeki-A technique used to make continuous independently acting and thinking clones of oneself.
Users-Chyapa Chyai

Burning Attack-Mirai Trunks signature move. Basically, a bunch of complicated hand movements followed by a 2 handed[with index fingers and thumbs touching]powerful blast.
Users-Mirai Trunks


Chonoryoku- A very unique technique, Chaozu puts both hands, or a single hand forward to control a persons actions or movements, or to cause internal pain. Only can be used on weaker opponents.

Crasher Ball-Jiisu's signature attack. It's a red ball of energy gathered in one hand, then flung at the enemy.

Cell Junior Umidatsu-The technique Cell uses to create as many little miniatures of himself. They cant talk and are completely focused on attacking. They are completely like Cell except they are short, blue, and cant regenerate.

Chikyuu Hokai no Ichigeki -When Kid Buu blows up the Earth[and later many other planets] in a few seconds.
Users-Kid Buu

Chyou Kyoshin Jyutsu-The special ability of increasing ones body size enormously.
Users-Piccolo, Lord Slug[probably all Nameks]

Chou no Ryoku-A technique used that can bind a person from moving, the more the person tries to escape, weaker the person becomes. At the time used, only Super Saiya-jin 2 Gohan can escape this attack.
Users-Bujin, Bido and Zengya

Choubakuretsumaha-Another one of the extremely big attacks used in Dragonball. Piccolo needs to charge up for a long time before carrying out the attack, but when he's ready, he spreads all of his appendages out and lets loose a huge growing dome of ki with him in the center. Also known as "Gekiretsukodan"


Dai Kaiten Kick "Great Revolving Kick"-One of Gotenks' pointless and useless, but funny attacks.

Daichiretsuzan -With a swing of Freezers arm he fires a loong beam that cuts through anything and everything.

Dai 4 Henshin"-The technique Koola uses to transform to his all powerful state.

Dengeki -A technique used by several Kami's[gods] in which they surround an enemy and electrocute them.
Users-Kami's of the past.

Dengeki Ha -A quick one handed blast of electricity.

Den Ryuu-An electrical attack used by the Pirate Robot when wrapping its tail around someone[gokou].
Users-Kaizoku Robot "Pirate Robot"

Don Demo Mizu ni Kaeteshimau Non Ryoku-God thats long..anyways, Aqua, changes the arena into water and uses his fish-like body to move around quickly and attack his opponent.

Dodonpa-A move used by people that somehow know Tsuru Sennin (Kame Sennin's evil rival) and his brother, Tao Pai Pai. The Dodonpa is basically a Kamehameha like blast, but instead of being shot from the palms, it's fired from the fingers, very powerful.
Users-Tao Pai Pai, Chao-zu, Tenshinhan

Super Dodonpa-A larger and more powerful version of the Dodonpa.
Users-Cyborg Tao Pai Pai

Dynamite Kick- Just a normal kick with a special name, so Mr. Satan can try to be cool.
Users-Mr. Satan

Dynamite Kick(2)-When Gotenks uses a kick by this name, he kicks the opponent, then flips away with an explosion where his kick hit.

Death Ball- This is a devastating ball of energy which Freezer and Koola can create from either the tip of their finger or with both hands. This attack is used to destroy entire planets.
Users-Freezer, Koola

Double Tsuihikidan- A move that Kuririn uses, where he fires a blast from each hand, and can guide it to hit whatever his target is.


Exploding Demon Cannon-Another one of Piccolo Daimaous big ki attacks.
Users-Piccolo Daimaou

Ekishyou Ka-A very gruesome attack used by Majin Buu where he turns himself into liquid and goes down an enemies throat. He then expands explodes the person from the inside, and reforms himself unharmed.
Users-Super Buu

Energy Kyuushu-A technique used by Androids in which they drain energy either from a person or from an actual ki move.
Users-Artificial Humans 19 and 20

Energy Gun-When Janemba shoots energy balls out of holes in his chest like a machine gun.

Eye Beam-A destructive blast shot from the eyes, resembling a ki beam.
Users-Androids 19 and 20, Piccolo, Kami, Freezer, Koola

Enemy transformation-When Majin Buu shoots an energy blast from his head-appendage, he can change his enemy into anything else, usually food, by saying "[name of thing here] ni natchae!" (Fat Buu) or "[name of thing here] ni nare," (Super Buu) literally meaning, "become a [name of thing here]"

Eraser Cannon- This is one of Reekums best ki attacks. It is a large, powerful Ki blast shot from the mouth, and it destroys a large radius of where it hits upon impact.


Final Flash-This is Vejita's second most powerful attack. Vejita puts his wrists together directly in front of himself, then charges up for a while, and eventually lets loose an enormous blast of energy.

Final Shine-A very strong attack that Vejita developes in Dragonball GT.

Fusenko-A move that Kuririn made up to keep himself from falling out of bounds during the Tenkaichi Boudaiki. He inhales and fills himself with air, then floats down to the arena like a feather.

Fusion-A technique that Gokou learns and teaches to Vejita, Goten, and Trunks. In order for fusion to work, both characters must be of the same race, and have the same power level, (if one character's power level is higher, they must lower it). If those requirements are met, then the characters perform a stupid ass dance and fuse. Both characters must perform the movements at EXACTLY the same time, in exactly the same way, and say the words, "FuuuuSION! HA!", also at the same time. If they do not complete all of this, then the resulting fused character could be disastrous. Fat Gojita, Fat Gotenks, and Old Gotenks are perfect funny examples ^.^. However, if all of the above is done perfectly, the resulting character will be a perfect union of both characters and possess a enormous new strength. The fusion character is completely different, and not controlled by either person. All fused characters are extremely cocky, but who would blame them for that?. Fusion only lasts half an hour, after which the fusion character splits back into its two halves.
Users-Goten with Trunks, Gokou with Vejita

Freezer Beam- This is Freezer's trademark technique. It is a piercing attack that continues through its target and can also be used to slice. This attack nearly killed Piccolo.
Users-Freezer, Cell.


Guru Guru Gum-A weird attack that acts like gum, in that it is very sticky, and that is shot at an opponent and holds them in place.

Great Kick Special-Do you hear the dramatic music? I hope so because Gotenks has just performed another pointless and funny attack!

Genki Dama-A very powerful attack that Gokou learned from Kaio-sama. Gokou gathers energy from his surroundings[usually Earth]. Gokou can perform this attack because he has a pure heart, but when he is super saiya-jin he cannot, because he no longer has a pure heart[Movie 7]The only bad part is that it takes a considerably long time for Gokou to gather the necessary energy for the attack to be useful. The size of the technique can vary from about a ft wide [in Vejita/Gokou fight], to well over 100 meters.[When Gokou kills Kid Buu] In the Buu saga, Mr. Satan gets everyone on Earth to raise their hands at once, making all their energy go to Gokou
Users- Gokou

Galactica Donut-Gotenks does nothing useful again! Hooray!. He forms a ring of ki that looks like a donut. He then traps his opponent in the "donut" and squeezes it tight. The attack was supposed to leave Buu motionless...but he escapedpretty damn easily.

Gekitotsu Ultra Buu Buu Volley Ball-Yet another of Gotenks' attacks. He encloses Buu in a series of galactica donut type techniques, in the shape of a ball, then plays Volley Ball with him. Also called "Continuous Super Doughnuts"

Galick-Ho-Vejita's answer to the Kamehameha. A devastating attack, much like the kamehameha, in power, the way it looks, and the way its formed.


Hellbuster-A move where Cell and Freezer trap Gokou and send him to another part of hell to be tortured and killed.
Users-Cell with Freezer

Hai Syu Ken-A move where Tenshinhan bounces his opponent around like a volleyball. This was way back in Dragonball, when Tenshinhan was actually good!! Hehe

Hyper Plasma Shortcake-What would surely have been a trademark Gotenks failure, he never gets to use it, only gets to yell it.

Hashyu Ken-Basically just moving your arms fast enough so it looks like 8.
Users-Son Gokou and King Chyapa

Haru no Niku Kougeki - Buu rips off a chunk of his body, then stretches it and wraps it around Majin Vejita, binding him so tightly, he can't escape, or breathe for that matter. Goten and Trunks had to get him out of it.
Users-Fat Buu

Hikari Sayu Shyu-A move used to suck in an opponents ki. Only when Gokou makes a giant ki ball and Yakon sucks in thatbye bye =)

Hikou -This is not flying with ki like the Z-team does, but actual flying as a bird would. Since the androids have no ki, I listed them here.
Users-Giran, Pteradon, Tamborine, Cymbal, All the androids.

Hell's Flash-This is considered Artificial Human 16's second strongest attack, (and his coolest). He heaves his opponent deep into the ground, then removes his hands and aims his arm cannons in the crater he created by smashing his victim into the ground. He then shouts the name of the attack, and lets a furious barrage of high powered energy blasts into the Earth. The beams of the attack actually fill up the hole in the earth and shoot up through the crust of the Earth, creating huge holes in the ground.
Users-Artificial Human 16

Henge -Its shape-shifting. Puar can keep a shape as long as he can concentrate, but Oolong can only hold a shape for 5 minutes. And let me tell you, plenty of funny scenes took place in Dragonball due to this crazy little technique.
Users-Oolong and Puar

Henkai Gatai-When three Pilaf Robots join together to become one larger one.
Users-Pilaf Robot

Henshin Nouryoku-A type of transformation that some characters use, enabling them to control their ki better, making them incredibly stronger.
Users-Freezer and Zarbon

Henshin no Tame ni Sanogi ni Naru-Kiyatapi's ability to change into a creature of incredible power. Its kind of stupid thoughconsidering it takes 1,200 years!!!!

Houtai Nage-A mummy using their wrappings as a weapon.

Hokaku Kon Dan-Freezers special[and cheap] attack where he captures his opponent in a ball of ki they can't get out of. If the ball touches anything besides Freezers body, it blows up.

Hokaku Technique-When Garlic Jr. shrinks and traps his enemies in a glass jar.
Users-Garlic Jr.

Honoo-Fire breathing.

Honoo no Tama-A fire blast shot from the hands.

Hankokubikkurisho- This is a cool, strong, ki attack used by Jacky Chun (Muten roshi) He shoots the blast forward using both hands and traps his victim in a shocking field of energy from which his opponent cannot normally escape.
Users-Muten Roshi

Haretsu no Maho- This is the magic spell used by Babi-di to make people he controls explode. It only works on weaker people.


Iai Zari-A slice with a katana blade.

Ikoukan o Hatsusei- A defensive maneuver that makes a small portal in front of the user that absorbs small energy balls or blasts.

Iroke Kougeki-A funny technique that is basically stripping.

Irome-A funny "attack" performed by Buruma [Bulma]where she teases the opponenet by showing them her butt.


Jigen ni Ana o Akeru-A weird technique which is just a really, really powerful scream, used to tear a temporary hole in dimensions. It is how Gotenks, Piccolo, and Buu escape from the Room of Spirit and Time.
Users-Super Buu and Gotenks

Jidashyuu Fuku Noriyoku-When Metal Koola repairs himself using the main computer of the Big Ghetti Star.
Users-Metal Koola

Jibaku-A powerful suicide explosion. In the androids cases, the explosion is caused by an internal bomb, not energy.
Users-Saibaimen, Chao-zu, all the androids, Kami

Jan-Ken -This move is kindve weird, and is one of the first moves Gokou ever does. It is based on the game "Rock Scissors Paper". The attack has three possible outcomes. If Gokou shouts, "Jan-Ken-Gu", the attack will correspond with "rock" and be a punch. If Gokou shouts, "Jan-Ken-Chyoki", the attack will correspond with "scissors" and be a poke between the eyes with two fingers. And finally, if Gokou shouts, "Jan-Ken-Pa", the attack will correspond with "paper" and be an open-handed slap.
Users-Son Gokou

Jinruizetsumestukougeki "Genocide Attack"- The single most powerful move in all of Dragonball Z[at least in my opinion]. It can only be done by Super Buu. He locks onto every single human's ki, then releases millions of powerful ki blasts into the sky. They fall to the ground and each and every blast hits one target, a person. Every single person on Earth is killed with this attack, except for Tenshinhan, Chaozu, Mr. Satan and the people on Kami's Tower. Mr. Satan wasnt killed because Fat Buus memory of Satan, in Super Buus body made him not want to kill Satan.
Users-Super Buu


Kamehameha Shield-A move used only in Dragonball GT by Son Gokou, he reflects Cell's Kamehameha back with a staff he is spinning really fast.
Users-[Chibi]Son Gokou

Kaio-ken-An attack used by Son Gokou. It increases his power and speed as well as his senses. Eventually used at x20 kaio-ken. The downside to this attack is that it is unstable and can kill the user if they remain in the state for too long.
Users-Son Gokou

Kai Kai-The ability to teleport from planet to planet.
Users-Kibito and Kaioushin

Kaiten Kougeki-One of the many, once used, stupid, attacks used during the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai. The user spins around at extrememly fast rates and can't be touched. The obvious problem is, when the user stops spinning, they are so dizzy, they pass out.
Users-Son Gokou

Ketaihenka-Cell's ability to change forms when he absorbs the Androids.

Kaifuku no Jyustsu -Fat Buu's ability to completely heal people who are near death.
Users-Fat Buu

Kaifuku Power -The ability to completely heal people near death.
Users-Kibito and Dende

Kaata Nage -An attack in which Chi-Chi [when she was a young girl] takes off her helmet which has a sharp blade and throws it at an enemy.

Kanashibari no Jyutsu-A technique used to completely stop a person from moving using psychic powers. The only downside is, if the user gets distracted, they can't keep control of the victim.
Users-Jackie Chun, Blue Shogun, Chaozu, Guldo and Kaio-shin

Kame Kame Ha-A kamehameha, but said wrong by a young and innocent Goten.
Users-Son Goten

Kamehameha-Dragon Ball's signature attack. The user gathers energy between the palms of their hands and then releases it. The technique was invented by Kame Sennin, and it took him 50 years to perfect it. It was performed by Gokou after only having seen the move done once.
Users-Son Gokou, Muten Roshi, Grandpa Son Gohan, Kuririn, Yamucha, Son Gohan, Cell, Tenshinhan, Majin Buu, Chibi Trunks

Ashi kara Kamehameha -Basically, Gokous hands were busy, so he fired it from his feet. =P.
Users-Son Gokou

Kamehameha Max Power-Jackie Chun's[master roshi] strongest Kamehameha.
Users-Jackie Chun

ShunkanIdou Kamehameha -A teleportation kamehameha, where Gokou forms the blast, teleports behind them, then fires.
Users-Son Gokou

Chou Kamehameha -Ultimate Kamehameha, just a more powerful version.
Users-Son Gokou

Waiting Kamehameha-A type of Kamehameha where Gokou waits for the opponent to attack him, then fires it.
Users-Son Gokou

Magaru Kamehameha -A type of Kamehameha that seems to miss the opponent, but then comes from behind and hits them in the back.
Users-Son Gokou

Renzokou Kamehameha-A technique Gokou uses once while training in his gravity ship on the way to Namek. He fires several Kamehameha's which circle towards him and then he attempts to block them.
Users-Son Gokou

Ki- Ki is the power that everyone holds within them. In Dragonball Z, they learn to harness this power to become stronger, to fly, and to perform ki attacks. The word "Ki" has no literal translation into English, which makes it a little harder to understand.

Ki Ai-An attack which is a scream that propels waves of ki towards the opponent.

Ki Aigan-A technique that shoots a wave of ki at an opponent simply by looking at them.
Users-Kaioushin and Fat Buu

Ki Akeshi-A defensive technique, a scream used to block small ki moves.
Users-Tenshinhan and Gokou

Ki Ai Hou-A technique used to push back an opponent by shooting a wave of ki, like a powerful wind at them with a hand, it can also be used with the whole body rather than the hand.
Users-Son Gokou, Cell and Freeza

Kienzan-A extremely sharp disc of ki that can cut through practically anything. Unfortunately, Kuririn almost always misses with it, lol.
Users-Kuririn, Cell

Tsuibi Kienzan-A kienzan that can be guided. Any attack with a "Tsuibi" in front of it, means that it traces ki.
Users-Freezer, Cell

Renzoku Kienzan-Multiple Kienzan's fired one after another. Any attack with "Renzoku" in front means that it is more than one.

Kikou Ha-Your basic ki blast.
Users-Everyone that can control their ki.

Kakusandan -A very slow-moving ball of energy that breaks into several parts and hits numerous targets at once. Kuririn uses this to kill almost all the saibaimen, after Yamucha was killed by them.

Kakusan Yuudou Kikou Ha-Where the user sends hundreds of ki balls into the air and surrounds his enemy with them. The energy balls are suspended in mid-air for a moment, and then he lets fly. All at once the little ki balls hit the target causing a huge explosion.

Kochi kara Kikou Ha-A blast of energy shot from the mouth.
Users-Piccolo Daimaou, Piccolo,, Gotenks, Fat Buu, all Oozaru form saiya-jins.

Koukyuu Gata Kikou Ha-Basically a large ki ball.
Users-Fat Buu

Double Kikou Ha-A ki blast shot from both hands.

Tsuibi Kikou Ha-A ki tracing ki blast.
Users-Piccolo and Kuririn

Yubisaki kara no Kikou Ha-A ki blast shot from the finger tips.
Users-Cell, Kami, Piccolo Daimaou, Piccolo, Freezer, Vejita, Muuri, Androids and basically anyone.

Yubisaki kara Renzokou Kikou Ha-Continuous ki blasts shot from the fingertips.
Users-Freezer and Cell

Renzokou Kikou Ha-The same as above but with the hands. "Renzoku Energy Dan" is another name.
Users-Kiwi, Son Gohan, Son Goten, Cell, Dodoria, Vejita, Piccolo, Vejitto, Majin Buu and Reekum

Kikouhou-Tenshinhan's signature attack. He targets his opponent in a triangle formed by his hands. He then fires a powerful energy blast at his opponent. The attack is dangerous for the user, for if it is used too much, the user can be killed.

Shin Kikouhou -A more powerful version of the above attack..

Ki no Jyouto-A technique used in movie 8, when the Z team gives Gokou all their power.
Users-Piccolo, Son Gohan, Trunks and Vejita

Ki no Tsurugi-Where Vejitto forms a sword of ki and uses it to slice Super Buu.

Ki Barrier-The user forms an impenetrable barrier of ki around them.

Koshyuu Kougeki-A disgusting move which basically is blowing bad breath on the opponent.

Kousokuidou-A kind of strange fighting strategy where he moves around quickly and makes noises, so he can only be heard and not seen.
Users-Son Gokou

Kokan kara no Gekishyuu Kougeki "Sweat from the Crotch Attack"-Ewwwww is all for that one. Just ewww.

Kokoro o Yomu-The ability to psychically sense the past of someone.
Users-Jackie Chun, Karin, Guru, Son Gokou

Kyuketsu-A move where the assailant sucks the blood out of his opponent.
Users-Dracula Man

Kyuushu -An attack where the opponent is literally absorbed right into the enemy. Cell absorbs people through his tail, and Buu can absorb anyone with any part of his body.
Users-Cell, Buu

Kyou Ken-Gokou and his crazy tenkaichi-boudoukai moves..lol, he jumps around like a dog on all fours and barks.
Users-Son Gokou

Kyodaika-A power-up where the body of the user becomes huge and muscular.
Users-Garlic Jr., Cashew, Vinegar

Kuukanteni Punch and Kick-A cool move in which a portal opens up in front of the user, and they punch or kick through it, then a portal opens near the opponent, and the fist or foot comes out and hits them, although the user is still in their original place.

Kuuchyu Teishi-Basically just a dodge, lol.
Users-Son Gokou

Kutsuguri Kobaki-A weird attack in which the user literally tickles the opponent until they submit the match.

Kuchi kara no Kaen -A mouth fire blast.

Kuchibue "Whistling"-A technique used only on Nameks. Nameks hate the sound of whistling, and literally just cant take it at all.
Users-Anyone, Gohan is the only one to actually do it though..lol.

Kintoun- Kintoun is a flying cloud, created by Karin, and given to Gokou by Master Roshi. In the American version its "Nimbus".
Users-Anyone with a pure heart

Kyoken- Another crazy young Gokou move where he jumps around like a mad dog, and then jumps over the enemy and kicks them from behind.
Users-Son Gokou


Makkankosappo -This is Piccolo's signature attack in DBZ. He raises the index and middle fingers of his right hand to his head, then charges ki to that exact point. The attack took a considerably long time to charge up at first, but eventually could be done instantly. The blast looks like a straight ki blast in the middle, with a ki blast in the shape of a screw around it.
Users-Piccolo, Cell, Majin Buu

Magnum Sundae-Yay for Gotenks! Yay for Gotenks. The move did nothing and sucked, ok?.

Makousen-A magic energy blast shot from the hand.
Users-Piccolo Daimaou and Piccolo

Magic Slime Hajyu-A type of slime that sticks to an opponent and crushes them until theydie, =P. Its pretty easy to get out of though.

Machine Gun-What does it look like?.
Users-Pirate Robot

Machine Gun Tsuki-A series of very fast, hard punches on a person.

Masenkou -This move is one of the moves FUNimation messed up, and made it out to be like a kamehameha, shame, shame on them!!. To perform the attack, the user raises his hands above his head, gathers energy between them, and then shoots it as a ki blast at his enemy.
Users-Gohan, Piccolo, Mirai Trunks

Mafuba -A technique used to trap a devil like, or evil creature. The user must go through a series of movements, then fire a spiral beam at the enemy. The beam must hit the enemy, and the user must then guide the beam directly into the Denshi Jar. The only bad part...really bad part is that the user dies after he correctly performs the move once. This was first done by Mutaito Sennin, Muten Roshi's teacher, in order to seal Piccolo Daimaou in the Denshi Jar.
Users-Kami, Muten Roshi, Tenshinhan and Mutaito Sennin

Mafuba Gaeshi -A reflection of the previous attack.

Mini Gokou-Where Janemba forms a mini size clone of Gokou in the palm of his hand.

Mini Janemba-Janemba touches something, and turns it into a group of little clones of himself.

Mirai o Yochi Tsuru Mabaroshi no Ken-In the Bardock special, the attack that causes him to be able to see his own future, and future of his family.
Users-I dunno his name

Miracle Super Punch-God, and some people wonder why I put on the "Wouldnt it be cool if" section, that it would be cool if Gotenks had an attack with a normal name that was useful.

Mystic Attack- A grabbing technique, usable by all Nameks, that enables them to strech out their arm to their opponent, and then pulling them back in.
Users-Any Nameck-seijin


Nigiri Tsubishi-Crushing an opponent between your hands..
Users-You got big hands? Well go ahead and do it =P

Ninjinka -A funny technique used to turn people into carrots.

Ninjinka Kaijyou -Reversing the effects of the previous technique..

Nobiru Shita "Extending Tongue"-The user extends and then wraps their tongue around the opponent.


Oozaru-The ability of a Saiya-jin to transform into a giant ape-like creature when they absorb a certain amount of "Brute Waves" caused by the light of a full moon. Normal power is increased ten-fold.
Users-Any Saiya-jin with a tail.


Psychokenesis-Also called "Telekinesis" it is the ability to move objects around without touching them.
Users-Ginyu, Gurudo[Guldo], Cell, Freezer, Blue Shogun, Chao-zu and Majin Buu, Piccolo

Purple Comet Crash-Baata and Jiisu combine techniques for one bigger attack.
Users-Baata and Jiisu

Purple Comet Z Crash-Same move, longer name, a tiny bit stronger, still sucks though.
Users-Jiisu and Baata

Paparapa-The technique Babi-di uses to teleport a whole room to anywhere he wants.

Power Keisoku-When Android 16 uses a "scouter" type thing that he has to read power levels.
Users-Android 16

Power Tackle-HmmGotenksdoing stupid stuff, but its great to watch anyway.

Power Ball [fake moon]-This is a ball of energy, that a saiya-jin can use in place of a full moon. The gasses it creates stay together for about 90 minutes, then they diffuse, after which the attack must be used again. And guess what? FUNimation screwed this one up too, by saying that Gokous father, a bad fighter, a scientist created it. When in fact, his father[Bardock] was the second strongest saiya-jin when he was alive, and he wasnt a scientist..=P
Users-Vejita, Turles


Reekum Kick-A fast and powerful kick used by Reekum.

Reekum Maha Attack-This is Reekum's ultimate attack, which he never uses because Gokou kind ofwell almost kills him with an elbow to the gut.

Rougafufu Ken-Its the best attack Yamcha has in Dragonball, where he basically does a more powerful punch

Shin Rouga Fufu Ken-A better version of the previous attack. Any attack with "Shin" in front of it, means it is a newer and improved version.

Rolling Attack Satan Punch-Mr. Satan, trying to show off, attack...doesnt work, Suprised? Nah.
Users-Mr. Satan

Rolling Thunder Punch-Does it have a stupid name? Yep. Well then you know who is at it again, the one, the only, the man with no working attacksGotenks!

Rocket Punch-An attack in which the user shoots their arm at the opponent. Its very surprising, I mean it would freak me out to see someones arm, even if it is an android, come flying at me, hehe.
Users-Some of the androids and Metallic Gunsou

Ryuuken "Dragon Fist"-Gokou charges at his opponent and raises a fist. He shouts the words also used in the "Street Fighter" games, "RYUU KEN!". Then out of his fist shoots an enormous golden dragon. The dragon charges straight through the target's stomach, then wraps itself around the victim. While this is going on, more sections of the dragon appear and wrap around the victim. Then the dragon disappears, and completely destroys the target in a flash of light.

Ring Jyou no Energy Ball-This is one of my favorite attacks. ^.^ This is used when Majin Vejita fights Gokou. Gokou is knocked hard into a mountain. Vejita then shoots out 5 rings of energy that trap Gokous neck, legs, and arms to the mountain.
Users-Majin Vejita

Renzoku Shine Shine Missile-Alright, well by the name we can tell who does it already right? [hint it is a stupid name!!] The surprising thing about this, is that it is actually useful!! I know your thinking, "But Gotenks cant do a useful attack, especially if it has a weird name!" But its true. He shoots tons of ki "missiles" at his opponent.

Renzoku Energy Dan- It is basically shooting hundreds and hundreds of ki beams one after another after another using both hands. Each beam is pretty weak, but when all added together, I wouldnt want to be the guy being fired upon
Users-Vejita, Gokou, Gohan, Piccolo.


S.S. Deadly Bomb- A large red ki bomb, which is easily powerful enough to destroy the earth.
Users-Artificial Human 13

Saikou Waza "Ultimate Skill"A huge ki blast shot from Nappas mouth.

Saishyuu Saigo no Waza "Ultimate Final Skill"-Majin Vejita's most devastating attack, by far. He uses his own ki within him, to blow himself up. The resulting radius of the explosion is miles long. He did this in an attempt to kill Majin Buu. Although Buu was blown to pieces, the Z-team was horrified when they found out that Majin Buu could reform, and that Vejitas sacrifice did nothing.
Users-Majin Vejita

Saisei "Regeneration"-A healing technique, used to regrow lost body parts. Nameks can as long as their head is still there. Cell can as long as he has at least 1 cell left and Majin Buu can do it as long as the tiniest microscopic particle of him is left.
Users-Piccolo, Nail, Cell, Majin Buu

Saimin Jyutsu-A fuuuunnny attack used by Master Roshi, where he tricked the Man Wolf into thinking that Kuririns bald head was actually the full moon.
Users-Jackie Chun

Satan Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch-Another stupid Mr. Satan technique where he tries to act strong, intimidating and powerful. Of course, none of those attributes are ever detectable in the man.
Users-Mr. Satan

Saru Ken "Monkey Technique"-Gokou jumps around the ring, acting like a monkey to confuse his opponenet. HmmI dont know, Gokou had a lot of techniques where he acting like a animal to "confuse" his opponent. I think he just liked acting like animals, hehe.
Users-Son Gokou

Sawa Yakanaze-With a swing of the users arm he creates a gust of wind.
Users-Jackie Chun

Shi Shin no Ken "12 Eyes"-Tenshinhan splits himself into 4 different Tenshinhan clones, each with of his original power.
Users-Tenshinhan, Cell

Shitatsuki-Using your tongueto punch.
Users-Tao Pai Pai

Shipo Kougeki- Just the ability of a character who has a tail it use it as a weapon.
Users-Giran, Cell, Gokou, Radditz, Buyon and Freeza

Shipo o Kaiten Sasete Sora o Tobu-In Dragonball he uses his tail to act like a helicopters blade and hover himself over the ground.
Users-Son Gokou

Shunkan Idou "Instantaneous Movement"- A technique in which the user instantly teleport to anywhere in the universe. Although, technically not anywhere, because he has to teleport to someones ki not just anywhere. Users-Gokou and Cell

Anoyo kara no Shunkan Idou-The same as above, but using it from the after life, to the normal world.
Users-Son Gokou

Shyougeki Ha-A long distance explosion caused by the user with his fingertips.
Users-Nappa, Piccolo Daimaou, Piccolo and Cell

Kobushi no Shyougeki Ha-The same as the previously listed technique, but used with a fist.
Users-Son Gokou

Zenshin kara no Shyougeki Ha-A much more powerful version of the 2 previous techniques, the user spreads apart his arms and legs and the explosion shoots out from all of his body.
Users-Vejita and Fat Buu

Yubisaki kara no Shyougeki Ha-Kind of the same as the above ones, but it is more of a directed beam used by pointing, rather than a long distance explosion.

Shyouken-Tenshinhan uses this to grow himself a extra set of armshow convenient.

Senzai Nouryoku o Hikidatsu-This technique brings the users hidden power out.
Users-Guru, Rou Kaioushin

Souki Dan "Spirit Bomb"-This is an actual Spirit Bomb. It is a fairly large ki ball that he directs with his fingers. The "Genki Dama" attack, is a spirit bomb, but literally means "happy ball"

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack-Yes it has a stupid name, yes Gotenks does it, but yet it is useful! Everyone pick your jaws up from the floor, it is the complete truth. Gotenks spits up a ghost that looks like himself, and then he orders it to go blow something up. Basically the first thing it touches is blown up.
Users-Gotenks, Majin Buu

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack 10 Ghosts in One Shot-The same as previously listed, but with 10 at a time. When he uses this, it is funny because some of the ghosts collide with each other. In movie 12, he does the same but with 100 at a time.
Users-Gotenks, Majin Buu

Giji Super Saiya-jin "False Super Saiya-jin"-When in movie 4, Gokou goes through a brief transformation that leaves him with reddish hairkind of like a half super saiya-jin thing.
Users-Son Gokou

Super Saiya-jin- Even people who watch American FUNimation dubs of the show should know what this is, but I will explain it some anyways. When you are in the Super Saiya-jin state, your hair turns a blond color, sticks up on end and your eyes turn turquoise and they are usually surrounded by a yellow ki. The state of Super Saiya-jin is attained by accomplished by attaining several requirements. The Saiya-jin must have a pure heart. The user must also be strong enough to do it. Vejita could sense that Gokou was strong enough to do it, but he was the only one that knew of the legend at that time. This stage is first triggered by anger, but later can be used at any point. An interesting fact is that the Super saiya-jin we see is not the true super saiya-jin. The real legendary super saiya-jin became a Golden Oozaru, the reason the saiya-jins we know dont, is because they dont have a tail when doing it.
Users-Son Gokou, Son Gohan, Son Goten, Vejita, Chibi Trunks, Mirai Trunks, Gojita, Brolly, Gotenks and Vejitto

Super Saiya-jin Dai 2 Dankai "Ultimate Super Saiya-jin"-It is a type of Super Saiya-jin in-between one and two, but closer to two. The users body becomes huge in size, almost to the point of looking overly muscular and stupid.
Users-,Gokou, Trunks, Vejita, Brolli

Super Saiya-jin 2- The Saiya-jin's power is increased immensely from the previous 2 forms as does everything else. Gohan is the first to use this, and does it after Android 16 is killed by Cell, in one of the coolest scenes in Dbz.
Users-Son Gokou, Son Gohan, Vejita and Gotenks

Super Saiya-jin 3- The Saiya-jin's hair turns blond and grows down to their knees. Their eyes still turn turqoise and their eyebrows disappear. Super Saiya-jin 3, if fully powered up, would have been the strongest character in Dragonball Z.
Users-Son Gokou and Gotenks

Seki Katsuba-Basically, it is spitting on a person, and turning them into stone by doing that. Reversible only when the user is killed.

Suiken- This is a technique, where Master Roshi, acts drunk and then suprises his opponent. Later on in DBZ, we learn that he no longer has to act =).
Users-Master Roshi


Tsui Ton no Jyutsu-A ninja technique that allows the user to breathe underwater using a pond reed.

Tsukashiipe-Ewwww, again. A farting technique used to stun.
Users-Kuririn and Bacterian

Time Stop-Basically Guldo stops time for as long as he can hold his breath. Everyone else cant move, but he can, making for some very cheap fighting techniques.

Taiyoken "Solar Fist"-Another fairly useful attack created by Tenshinhan that temporarily blinds his opponent. The user raises their hands to the sides of their face, palms facing out towards the enemy, and then shout out "Taiyoken". The sun's light is then reflected directly into the face of the opponent, obviously it has to be day time to be used
Users-Tenshinhan, Son Gokou, Kuririn and Cell

Taiyo Kousen Hanshya -It is like the previous technique, but Kuririn uses his good old bald head to do it.

Tako Ashi Kougeki -A giant octopus uses one of its tentacles to pick up and shake around Gokou.

Tatamigaeshi-Another ninja technique, that is basically using the floorboards of a house as a shield.

Tamago o Umu-All Nameks, are A-sexual, meaning there isnt a boy and girl type of them. So, some of them have the ability to spawn new children.
Users-Piccolo Daimaou, Guru

Tan Kougeki "Loogie Attack"-Bacterianis the sickest guyever, thats all. This attack is a spitting attack, wonderful.

Tsu no Beam -Shooting a short blast of electricity out of ones antennae.

Terepashi -A technique used to talk "mind to mind" between 2 or more people, only one has to have the special ability. You can put your hand on Kaio-samas back and then you can talk "mind to mind" to someone as well.
Users- Kaio-Sama, Kami, Guru, Son Gokou, Piccolo, Dende and Nail.

Toujyou Cool Pose-Used first by Gohan as the Great Saiya-man, and then the Saiya-man team. Basically a series of really bad poses, that makes fun of Sailor Moon.
Users-The Great Saiya-man team[Gohan and Videl]

Toomi no Jyutsu-A psychic technique, used to see what is going on, in other parts of the world or universe, by closing ones eyes and concentrating.
Users-Kaio- Sama, Kami, Karin, Dende, Piccolo, Rou Kaioushin.

Totsugeki!-A used move by Goten, against Trunks, in the Tenkaichi-Boudoukai in which he flies high into the air, then goes straight down toward the opponent as fast as he can, literally meaning "Charge".

Touketsuken-A technique that covers anything it touches with a sheet of ice.
Users- Ebi-furya

Tobidatsu Tsume -Yakon jumps at his opponent, and slashes him with both of his claws.

Tenkubekejiken- The user jumps high in the air, then face forward with his arms in an "X" position, lands on his opponent. Very useful when used against an opponent with no special skills.

Chou Tenkubekejiken-The same as the previous, but much more powerful, and much faster.

Tsuihidan- Similar to Kuririn's "Double Tsuihikidan", in that it is a tracing ki beam, but there is only one in those move rather than one from each hand in Kuririns move.


Udebunri Kougeki- Basically, Buu rips off his arm, and throws it at his enemy, lovely ^.^.
Users-Little Buu

Usana-The technique of seeing the future with ones crystal ball.
Users-Uranai Baba

Ultra Missile Punch-Another stupid and pointless Gotenks attack that we all come to love ^.^.


Wild Boar Attack- Gotenks doing a head butt, ineffectively, with a stupid name.


Yuugou -A type of Namek permanent fusion. One Namek can fuse with another Namek, giving the other Namek all his power, knowledge, and feelings. The Namek who will still be there after the process places their hand on the other Nameks chest. The other Namek then joins with the base character. The character will look the same however.
Users-Piccolo, Nail and Kami, Probably any Namek can do it

Yubitsuki-A one-touch-kill used by Tao Pai Pai. He simply pokes a weak character's forehead, and they will instantly die.
Users-Tao Pai Pai

Yoini Min Min Ken-A chanting technique, that basically hypnotizes, or puts to sleep an opponent.
Users-Jackie Chun

Yokaieki- An attack used only by the Saibai-men in which they split their skull into 2 pieces, and acid shoots out from the middle.


Zanzouken-Moving fast enough so that only an after image of where you were can be seen.
Users-Jackie Chun, Gokou, Kuririn Piccolo, Most characters throughout Dbz

Ni Jyuu Zanzouken-The same, but with 2 after images.
Users-Jackie Chun, Most characters throughout Dbz

San Jyuu Zanzouken-The same but with 3 after images.
Users-Son Gokou, Most characters throughout Dbz

Tajyuu Zanzouken -More than 3 images left behind.
Users-Jackie Chun, Son Gokou, Most characters throughout Dbz

Zanzou Majyutsu-Leaving an after image of yourself behind using magic not speed.

Zutsuki-A powerful head-butt to the chest.
Users-Arale chan

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